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Band Name Bio Created
Good or Better An online virtual band. Alternative rock. 6/24/2017
Decide later1 An online virtual band 5/19/2017
Minus One Earth A band created by a youngster who is into Pop-Punk and Punk-Rock and who is willing to fully cooperate with musicians so good music is create!
I am also willing to play anything that's Rock so don't hesitate to tell me what genre of music you like to play so we can work on that!!!
Hi, I’m a vocalist/lyricist and I'd like to create an online virtual band/duo with a fusion sound that mixes elements from lots of different genres. I’m looking for a DJ/producer/skilled multi-instrumentalist or several instrumentalists. Basically, this band could take many different forms depending on who else is interested and the flavours they bring. I listen to most kinds of music but my voice is a sort of jazzy, RnB alto. You can hear what my voice and lyrics sound like here (I come in from 0:52 and while it doesn't really show my range, that's what I sound like) If you think you'd like to work with me, send me something you've made whether it's completely original or a cover that you've remixed in your own style. 
Contemplative Rockish Band I'm looking to create a band where the music comes from the people, not a pre-ordinated "genre"

Feel free to email me, we can talk more about it.

Temporary Title An online virtual band 9/3/2017

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