Certain Scary Ghost

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Certain Scary Ghost is a Blues-Rock duo (sometimes trio) most recently located in Hamburg, Germany.In April 2013 the band was originally formed by MJ Beeghley as a punk rock/jazz/swing influenced duo in Seoul, Korea. MJ then relocated to Hamburg, Germany in October 2013. In July 2014, Paul Wrettom (drums) joined. Seven weeks later on September 20th, CSG record EP "16 Hours in Almost Poland" at PPVI Studios in Görlitz. The EP was released on November 7th. The Producer, Chris Wosimski, a close friend of Paul, is made the 3rd member of the band in March 2015. CSG perform their first shows as a two piece on Valentines Day, at the St. Pauli Fanshop on Hamburgs famous Reeperbahn. The follow up show was a support slot for Cinema Cinema, from NYC, two weeks later.Certain Scary Ghost recorded "Welcome to Nothing" in 2015 and continued to gig around northern Germany.Band went on hiatus starting 2016. certainscaryghost.bandcamp.comfacebook.com/certainscaryghost



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