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In our story the demented Dr. Thanatos worked in a secret US government laboratory located in North Korea. The US had worked out a deal with the North Korean government that would allow heir doctor to do his work in secret with the help of a camp load of political prisoners in exchange for US aid. After decades of work the doctor successfully creates a new human sub species capable of self replication.
After this program is cut do to US government budget changes, the doctor is ordered to terminate his creation. The doctor refuses and instead hides underground and executes his evil plan that slides the world into a chaos that results into nuclear , chemical, and germ warfare followed by famine and disease that eventually wipes out the human race.



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Fists of Righteous Harmony


The title is the English translation for Yihe tuan. This was a group of Chinese that fought against the English in the 1890s. The believed that they had magic powers and could not be killed by bullets. Unfortunately for them, it did not work out so well. This music is somewhat technical, extremely heavy yet musical. Guitars tuned down to B and a few keyboard parts added mostly for sound effects. The lyrics where originally inspired by a friend of mine who was a diagnosed with a stage 4 lung cancer and given only a few months to live. He vowed to fight it to the end even though the odds where against him. He lived on for a year and a half beating the odds although he did not beat the cancer. I rededicate it to people all over the world who are fighting an impossible battle even though they know the odds are against them.

Dr. Thanatos


Dr. Thanatos, a scientist of the highest caliber is hied by the US government to create a new race of super humans that can survive a nuclear war. In a secret deal with the government of North Korea he sets up his base inside a camp for political prisoners who he uses in his experiments. After years of isolation the doctor goes mad and plans on taking over the world and ruling his race of self-replicating human worm hybrids.

Death Count

sharkboy's Album

After Dr. Thanatos' project is defunded by the US government and he is order to destroy his creations the doctor executes his plan. Around the world natural disasters are triggered by his inventions, governments are destabilized and armies of terrorists take over north Africa and the middle east. After the terrorists take control of nuclear and chemical weapons stock piles in Pakistan and former Soviet republics the US makes preemptive nuclear strikes.

Mortis Rigorem

sharkboy's Album

This is a cheerful song about a guy who was buried alive but can still feel himself rotting.

Crypt Sex


This was from the Band Hermaphro. It was written with Tony now of Swampa-zz. It pretty fucking crazy. We where all out of our minds. The band was based on this idea Tony and I came up with after drinking one to many cups of coffee about Hermaphrodites taking over the earth after a nuclear holicost. we had this whole idea about people self replicating like earth worms in massive discusing orgies. The things that enter your head after drinking maxwell house...

Bad Trip


This was one of my favorite Hermaphro songs. It was by far the simplest song in our set but people would kill each other and go crazy when we played it. The first solo is by me (Sharkboy) the second solo with the incredible feedback is Tony B. The screaming at the end is way Tony's mom would scream at us and sprinkle us with holy water:)


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