Hunny Gangsta and da Funky Bears

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Sharkboy and HonnyG band to work on some tunes.



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I need you here


This is am old song brought back from the archives with the help of HunnyG.

A Prayer for Maria (Acoustic)


This is a song I wrote for Maria. I wrote the first version of this song when my wife was pregnant with Maria and the doctors did not know if she would make it. They told us that if she did live she would have life long disabilities and illness. This was my prayer to God and gift to my little girl. Lord let me find strength in her beauty. Let me find hope in her heart. Let me be the bones to help her stand. Let me be the eyes to help her see.

I Used To

Hunny Gangsta

This is a song about reaching middle age looking back with fondness on your past crazy days and looking forward into uncertainty. In a way it is a sad song but in others it takes you on a journey and in the end is hopeful.



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Use Me

Use Me

This is a cover of the Bill Withers masterpiece "Use Me". We added our own spin on the tune and made it a bit more rock. I hope you all like it.


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I need you here
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Use Me
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john's song
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A prayer for Maria Acoustic
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I won't be
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