Orderly Conduct

Heavy Metal , Hard Core

Band Bio

Starting An online band that needs instrument players. Groove Metal in the style of Pantera, Lamb Of God, Exhorder, Devildriver, Sepultra, Soulfly and White Zombie. We will have a skeleton type of character mascot (band mascots are the common characters used by bands on album covers and videos. Examples: Motorhead, Iron Maiden and Megadeth).



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United States Of America
Joined: 10/8/2017 3:16:04 PM


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Joined: 10/14/2017 3:51:10 AM

Open Positions

There are no open positions in the band Orderly Conduct

Song Workspaces

Workspace Info Phase Last Post
Orderly Conduct - Slasher (Album)
Recruiting / Idea Exchange 10/18/2017 5:31:00 PM

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