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  • State : OHIO
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Music by DJFalco

Wake Up (feat. Mr. Blue, Danho and Charlotte)

Wake Up - Single

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Hi, I am DJ Falco a 16 year old producer and singer from Akron, Ohio, US.


KSHMR, Marshmello, Alan Walker, ZAYN


  • Producer

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Dance & DJ


    I produce dance music with influence of rock.
  • Vocal

    Skill Level: Beginner
    Musical Styles:Acoustic Rock,Alternative,Children's Music,Christian & Gospel,Folk,Pop,Dance & DJ


    I am a beginning vocalist who has a very low male vocal range, but I am fit for a lead vocalist.

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Online bands that DJFalco is a member of

Band Name Bio Created
Houzez An alternative EDM band. I am the drummer and producer. 3/9/2018
Raze the Dead An online virtual band 2/9/2018
Hindley Earnshaw Hi everybody! I would like to find a lyricist who could share some texts in English. I sing and play the keys, and I have some music, but there's no decent lyrics yet. I hope that we can work on it. Please message me! Thanks. 1/4/2018
Diamond Explosion An online virtual band 11/19/2017
online An online virtual band 11/4/2017
Contemplative Rockish Band I'm looking to create a band where the music comes from the people, not a pre-ordinated "genre"

Feel free to email me, we can talk more about it.

Temporary Title An online virtual band 9/3/2017
Good or Better An online virtual band. Alternative rock. 6/24/2017
Working title An online virtual band 4/1/2017
the night     Looking for ACTIVE musicians who wanna contribute every day. 2/27/2017
Eve Of Spring Eve Of Spring is a canadian POP PUNK band formed in 2015, featuring Thierry Quevillon (vocalist, songwriter, producer and mix engineer) and Alexis Pugliese (guitarist and songwriter).

Open positions available for: drummer, bassist, guitarist and vocalist (screams).

Their first release, Facing The Tide EP, is currently in the works and should be available in 2018.
Experimental Electronic Fun This band is simply a place to plug in and practice making music online. If you think you can handle teaming up with a beginner just to have fun, feel free to join up. I have never made a whole song. I can record though, and I have some interesting gear, which means I am at least bringing that to the table. 

Come join me, and lets record some tracks. Fun/Practice is the name of the game. 

Anti Viral Just a name for now, send me a message if you would like to join. Anyone is welcome to try out. 5/10/2011
Open Cadaver and the Manipulator Cool new band, click here!  Not really just had some ideas, looking to meet people with ideas and make some music.  9/24/2017
Super Cobra Ramones style rock band, positive vibrations garage rock n roll 6/16/2017
Metal Assembly An online virtual band 5/30/2017
A Skylight Suicide A newly formed post hardcore band. 5/29/2017
Last Amethyst Tears Hey! Last Amethyst Tears is just for fun. You dont have to be professional. Just join the band and have a great time. 2/10/2017
Iron Jay A hard rock band ? 8/15/2017
Boiled Blood Alpha Dog Album Alpha Dog Boiled Blood new album 2/25/2018
Fury Road An online virtual band 2/10/2018
Seven Embers An online virtual band 1/22/2017
Silent Rain An online virtual band. Acoustic guitar style . Electric rock guitar style . Piano ballad style . Rock drums and mixed percussion for different styles . Some techno and electronic tribal music and some acid looping . Totally creative songs from organized to spontaneous . Jazz bass melodies and Pop melodies with the intention of strong lyric writing . Songs about life as we live it today . 3/31/2018

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