MyOnlineBand New Features Nov 2010

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Open Position Ads for Online Bands
Changes to My Bands page
Open Positions Manager
Changes to Create Ads Page
New Ads Page
Auditions Workflow
Changes to Bands Profile Page
New Band Open Position Search Page
New Submit Audition page


New Features

Open Position Ads for Online Bands

You may now create ads for open positions in your online bands. Ads can be open to anyone or restricted to a specific location. When someone responds to an ad, an audition workflow is started. The ads page allows you to choose if an audition is required and the criteria for how an audition is approved.

Changes to My Bands page

~changes to my bands page

Figure 1 - Changes to My Bands Page
A new link appears under the actions section. This allows you to create and manage open position for that band.

Open Positions Manager

This page lists the open position ads for your band and allows you to create new ones. At the top of the page is a link to create new ads. Existing ads are listed below. Clicking the edit link allows you to change an ad. The view link allows you to see the ad page as it appears on

~manage ads for your band page
Figure 2 - New Open Positions Manager

Changes to Create Ads Page

The create ads page was originally created to allow you to create ads for public and moderated song workspaces. Additional functionality has been added to support ads for positions in online bands.

~edit location

Figure 3 - Create Ads page for Online Bands
When creating an ad for an online band, two new tabs are displayed, “Location” and “Audition Requirements”.

~create ads page
Figure 4 - Ad Location Settings

Some people prefer to work only with local musicians. To accommodate this preference, you may now specify the country, state, and metro area for the position. By default the ad is open to the entire world with no location restriction.

The audition requirements tabs allow you to specify whether an audition is required. If an audition is required one of three workflows may be selected.
  • Founding Member Only – In this workflow, the band’s founding member is notified when an audition is submitted. The founding member can then approve or deny the audition.
  • Majority – in this workflow, all band members are notified on the audition submission and will have a chance to vote on the audition. If a majority of the members accept the audition, then the artist will be added to the band.
  • Unanimous – This workflow is similar to the “Majority” workflow but all members must agree. If any members votes no, the audition will be denied.

New Ads Page

To accommodate band ads, a new page was created to display ads.

~band ad page
Figure 6 - Open Position that does not require an Audition

Auditions Work flow

The audition work flow feature allows artists to respond to a band’s open position ad and allows the band members to review and vote on the submission.
There are several ways that an artist can find a band’s open position ad. The first is on the band profile page. The other is via the band open position search.

~ads appearing on band profile page
Figure 8 - Ads Appear on band profile page

New Band Open Position Search Page

A new page has been added to the bands menu under the header, "Join a Band". This allows you to search though listings of open positions for bands.

New Submit Audition page

Once an artist finds a position that they feel they will be a good fit for, they may submit an audition. The submit audition page, enforces a few rules.
  1. You must be a member of
  2. You must have a complete artist profile
  3. You must have at least one published song uploaded to the site

~incomplete profile message
Figure 10 - Artist cannot submit audition until they have completed their profile and uploaded some sample tracks

If the artist meets the basic audition requirements, they will be presented with the audition form.

~audition form
Figure 11 - Band Audition Form

The form is simple. Select a track that you want to use for your audition and click submit.

Once the audition has been submitted the work flow will begin. All work flow participants will be assigned a task and will be send an email to let them know that an audition has been submitted.

Changes to the Artist Home Page

The artist home page has been updated so that the mail inbox and the task list show on the top of the page. Band audition review tasks will appear in the task list. The Quick Links area has been cleaned up and may more touch screen friendly.

~changes to home page
Figure 13 - New Tasks section on home page

New Audition Approval Screens

When someone submits an audition, the band members will be notified via email. Each will have a chance to vote, rate, and ad a comment about what they thought of the artist.

~voting screen
Figure 14 - Voting screen

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