Creating Ads for your Band

By SharkBoy SharkBoy

Online bands are a great way to collaborate online. They allow you to create work spaces for you and your band mates to share audio files, sheet music and exchange comments about your ideas.

If your online band's current line up is missing an important skill, it is easy to create a ad. As with everything on MyOnlineBand, ads are free and can be modified as often as you like.

Creating the Ad

To create an ad for your band, click on Online Bands from the main navigation menu and then select Manage Bands. This will bring you to the My Bands page. Click the band you would like to create the ad for and then click the Create / Edit Open Positions link in the floating panel that appears to the right of the bands list as shown in  as shown in Figure 1. 

Figure 1 - Manage Bands

The Open Positions Manager displays a list of open positions (ads) for your band. To create a new ad, click the Create New Ad button as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 - Open Positions Manager

The Create Ad form

The Create Ad form is divided into 3 tabs. 

The Open Position tab contains all of the required fields which include the talent you are  looking for, skill level, and the details of what you are looking for.

  • Talent - Drop down list of talents you can create an ad for. This is a required field.

  • Skill Level - Use this to specify the skill level of the potential member. If you are looking for professional level talent you can select Master.

  • Details - This is where you can enter the details regarding the style of the artist you are looking for. 

The Audition Requirements tab allows you to set rules for how a potential new member is accepted into the band. By default this is set to Auto Approved.

  • Auto Approved which means that no audition is required and anyone who wants can click join your band.

  • Founding Member Only - An audition is required and only the founding member needs to approve.

  • Majority - An audition is required and all members of the band participate in the voting process. If a majority of the members agree, then the audition is accepted.

  • Unanimous - An Audition is required and all members must agree in order for the audition to be accepted.

The Location Tab allows you to specify if you wish to only work with local musicians. By default you will accept contributions from anywhere in the world.

Figure 3 shows the new Ad form.

Figure 3 - New ad form

Viewing your ad

After you create your ad, if can be found by users from both the Join a Band page and on the public work spaces created for your band. In addition each ad will have a page with either an Audition or Join button. Figure 4 shows an example of an ad for a sitar player that does not require an audition.

Figure 4 - Ad for Sitar Player

Band ad vs. Work space ads

Bands are not required for collaboration. Many people prefer to create open work spaces that do not require auditions. In addition to making ads for your band, you can also create  ads for an individual work spaces. The main difference between these is that work space ads only apply to an individual work space whereas band ads apply to all work spaces for your band.

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