Virtual Band Features

By SharkBoy SharkBoy is a global community of musicians, producers, lyricists, and other music industry professionals that collaborate over the internet to write and record music.

While most artists prefer to openly collaborate with the global community some would rather restrict their collaborations to a smaller circle of familiar associates. has several features that enable this restricted form on online music collaboration. These features can be summarized as follows:

Online Bands – As a member of the MyOnlineBand community you can create an online band. A band can have any number of members and you can start or join as many bands as you want.

Band Member Only Song Workspaces – Workspaces allow members to share audio files, photos, sheet music, midi files, and to post comments about the files. Bands can create an unlimited number of song workspaces.  Band member only workspaces come in two flavors, private and public readable. Private workspaces do not appear in website searches and may only be accessed by band members. Public readable workspaces can be accessed by the public but only band members may post comments and ad files. Public readable workspaces are ideal for bands that wish to allow fans to track the progress of the latest song from their favorite online band.

Online Band Profiles – Online bands may have profiles similar to an Artists profile. The profiles show a band photo, a short bio, a list of band members, a list of public readable band projects, and open position listings.
Open position advertisements – Bands may post ads for open positions. The ads appear under the “Join a Band” link from the “Online Bands” menu and on the band profile pages.

Audition Workflows – This feature allows a band to hold virtual auditions for new members. When a potential new band mate answers an ad, they are prompted to select an audio file as there audition track. When the audition is submitted, the members of the bands are notified and can review the audition and then post comments, rate and vote on whether the applicant meets the band’s criteria.

Add to bandmates –The add to bandmates feature allows a band member to invite another artist to join his or her band. The “add to bandmates “ link appears on all public artist profiles. When the request is made the artist is notified and is assigned an approval task. If they approve the task, they will be automatically added to the band.

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