Creating a new workspace

By SharkBoy SharkBoy

This tutorial describes how to create a new song workspace on using the new workspace wizard.

The Create Workspace Wizard has eight steps;
  1. Create Project - Allows you to provide a title and description for the song workspace
  2. Select Categories - Allows you to describe the style of music of your new song. You can select more then one genre if you feel that you song crosses over multiple styles. This step is optional but recommended.
  3. Collaboration Settings - Allows you to specify who can access and contribute to your workspace. This step is optional. If skipped the workspace will use the community collaboration setting which allows any MyOnlineBand member to view, post files, and comment and listen or download files on your workspace.
  4. Copyright Settings - On this page you can select the copyright type for your workspace. The default for this is community which is a variation of the creative commons licence which allows anyone in the MyOnlineBand community to use the contents of the workspace. You may also choose a shared model which will restrict usage rights to workspace contributors or sole rights which states that the workspace creator will own full rights on the completed work.
  5. Invite Others - On this step you can list any number of people that you wish to invite to the project. Each of the listed people will get an email inviting them to join. This step is optional.
  6. Post Job Listings - Here you can specify the type of help you are looking for in completing your project.
  7. Alert Settings - Use this screen to specify whether or not you want to receive an email alert every time a file or comment is posted to the workspace.
  8. Upload Project Concept - After you save the workspace there is an addition step to upload the first file known as the project concept to the workspace. The project concept which is typically an audio file but can also be sheet music or a lyric sheet will be shown on the search results pages and will also appear in the header section of your workspace page.

Create Project

This first page of the wizard shown in Figure 1 allows you to enter a title and description for your project.Figure 2 shows how the title and description will look on the workspace page.Figure 3 shows the same information on the search results page. Notice that on search results pages the description is truncated and all markup is removed.

Select Categories

The select categories step shown in Figure 4 allows you to select one or more genres for your project. It consists of two select boxes. To use it select one or more genres from the left box and then use the Add button to add the items to the selected box.

Collaboration Settings

Figure 4 Shows the collaboration settings step with the default settings selected. This screen allows you to specify who can access the song workspace and what they can do. The default setting is the most open allowing everyone full access to the workspace. The Band Members only and Private Options are more restrictive and only allow members of your online band to contribute to the workspace. You must be a member of a band to use these settings. The community and moderated settings do not require band membership.

Copyright Settings

This is possibly the most important step in the wizard. This step determines who will own rights on the completed work. If you use the default settings you are giving away rights to your music to the MyOnlineBand community for non-commercial use. If you plan on making money off your work or you want more control of how your work is used you should select one of the other models.

Post Job Listings

On this screen you can select what kind of help you need for your project. A new bulletin board listing will be created for each check box selected. The description and skill level selected will be applied to all of the listings. You can modify each job listing after you are done creating the workspace. The workspace entry form was purposely simplified to make the set up process easier.

Invite Others

On this optional step you can invite your friends to join your project. You can enter either email addresses of people who are not yet members of the site or enter screen names of existing members. Each person listed will get an email or MyOnlineBand personal message (PM) that includes the project description along with the personalized note that you can include in the form.

Alert Settings

This step is a simple check box that specifies your preferences on whether or not you wish to receive email alerts when the project is updated.

Upload Project Concept

After you complete the initial workspace setup you will be required to upload a file that you will designate as the project concept. This file will be the one that is playable from the workspace search pages and will appear on the header section of the workspace. Your workspace will not appear in the search results unless a project concept as been assigned to it.

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