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This article describes how to add or change the song concept for a song collaboration workspace on

What is a Song Collaboration Workspace?

Song Collaboration work spaces are mini web sites that allow musicians to collaborate on songwriting and recording projects. For more information about song collaboration projects in general please refer to the articleSong Collaboration Basics

What is a song concept?

Each work space should contain a file designated as the song concept. This file can be either an audio file, a document, an image and even a short video. The file should be describe the general idea of the song. It can be an audio file that contains a rough demo, a lyric sheet, a chord chart, or a piece of sheet music. The song concept is displayed at the top of each work space and appears on search results pages. This will typically be the first file prospective collaboration partners will view or listen to when they are deciding whether or not they want to participate in your project.

Song Concept on search results page

Song Concept on Work space page

How do I create a song concept?

You will be prompted to upload a song concept after you complete the create work space wizard. You can find more information on creating work spaces  in the following articleCreating a new workspace.

The upload song concept form is very simple. It provides only a single file upload button. The actual look of the form will vary depending on which web browser you are using and what type of computer you use but the actually functionality is the same for all computers and mobile devices.

Uploading a song concept as it appears in Chrome on Windows

How do I change my song concept?
As the song evolves you should change your song concept so that it represents the current state of your song idea. Only the project coordinator (the person who created the workspace) may change the song concept. If you are the project coordinator you can change the song project by clicking the "change" link that will appear directly underneath the large project concept button that appears on the song workspace page. You may also change it by editing an existing file uploaded to the workspace and changing it's file type to "Project Concept".

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