Uploading many files at once

By SharkBoy SharkBoy

As of MyOnlineBand 3.1, you may upload many files at once to your song workspace. This is most useful during the tracking phase when you may have many separate tracks that you would like to share with your band mates. For example, a drummer may have used a separate microphone for each drum in his set and recorded each to an individual track. Before MyOnlineBand 3.1, each track had to be uploaded individually which could be very time consuming.

With the bulk upload feature, you can now upload many files at once by simply dragging the files into your web browser. After you drag the files in, you can quickly update the information for each file. Once you have completed your uploading and editing you click the "done" button.

Bulk Uploading Step-By-Step

Step 1

From the song workspace page, click the"Add File" button.

~Click Add file

Step 2

In the pop-up window, click the link that says "Upload Multiple Files".

~Click upload multiple files

Step 3

Select the files you would like to add and drag them on to the browser window. You may also click the "Select Files" button. Clicking "Select Files" will open the standard browse for files dialog window. You can hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple files.

~Drag files onto the web page

Step 4

Once the files have been uploaded to the server, they will appear in a grid. If you wish you may continue to drop additional files. Each new file will be added to the grid. You may edit the title and description of each track by double clicking inside the row.

~double click to edit

Once you have completed uploading your files and modifying the title and descriptions for each, you may click the "Done" button.
The system will then validate your data and move the uploaded files to your workspace. When it is done processing the following screen will be displayed.

~Click link to return to the workspace

You can then click the link to return to your workspace. The files you have uploaded will be displayed on the "New" tab.

~Files uploaded

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