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Music by Henkjan


Rock jam

Medium tempo Heavy rock (125 bpm). You Tube Video: http://youtu.be/BC3933KMlJM

Twilight Zone

Rock Sessions

Jimmy: vocals, bass, guitars, lyrics Johnnykeys: keys Henkjan: drums, mix

Do enjoy the band

Folk jazz

Ellen, NL: lyrics, vocals, melody André, NL: lyrics, acoustic guitar, chords Henk, NL: bass Henkjan, NL: drums. mixing, coordination

Midnight Lover

Rock Sessions

Jimmy: guitars, vocals, lyrics, mix Henkjan: drums

The Judgment Comes Due

Rock Sessions

Jimmy: guitars, vocals, lyrics, mix Henkjan: drums

Spring Reggae

Henkjan's Album

Henkjan: drums, Jltw: Marimba, Jaiktivar several



No Description

Freaking Out

Rock Sessions

Jimmy: guitars, vocals, lyrics, mix Henkjan: drums

Crooked Line

Folk Rock

A crooked line from songconcept to final result. We all enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere.

Symphony of Andromeda

Heavy Rock

Symphonic Rock

A couple of funkin' minutes

Funk for the Masses

It's just a funky little thang we threw together. Dance to it if you like. Johnnykeys - keys Henkjan - drums Jimmy - guitars and bass By the way Henk picked the photo... I don't look like that....

Need a change

Rock Sessions

This song describes the 2008 situation in USA seen through the eyes of a 26 year young man.

Wicked World

Folk Rock


Kiss me softly

Heavy Rock

Metal Rap

Whipping Post

Rock Sessions

Jimmy, NM, USA: Guitars, vocals, lyrics, mix. Henkjan, Gelderland, The Netherlands: Drums


Rock Sessions

A relaxed instrumental song with guitars and drums. This corresponding video is about nice relaxed views around the world http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzi6OpBi4G0

5 Circles

johnnykeys's Album

It was a snowy day to circle around a bunch of chords...


Children music


Kickin' Around

johnnykeys's Album

Soundtrack to an animated film about some ants and a soccer ball.... Or maybe hedgehogs... or porcupines (even better although there would be lots of parts where the ball would kind of get stuck). Maybe juggling balloons. Or perhaps ants stealing gum off the sidewalk on a hot day.... Any animators out there?

Waited Too Long

johnnykeys's Album

Sort of Funky Junk with early King Crimsonesque leanings. Based on Henkjan's drum tracks for play along Funky drums 100BPM. Incredible lyrics and vocal performance by Tiffers!

Dance around the World

Nijmeegse 4 daagse

Dance around the World. Song for children dance group at 100 jubilee Nijmeegse 4 daagse 2016. An event with many 100.000 of visitors. http://4daagse.nl/nl/ https://www.vierdaagsefeesten.nl

Hillbilly Rolls

Rock n Roll

Live atmosphere small cafe demo version of a rock n roll song See this link for the Johhny Black studio version recorded after this demo. http://www.amazon.com/Thats-This-Hillbilly-Rolls-Explicit/dp/B00650CH3C/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1329835129&sr=1-8

Bend Over

Rock Sessions

Jimmy, NM, USA: guitars, bass Johnnykeys, BC, Canada: keys, mix Manumus, Quebec, Canada: vocals, lyrics Henkjan, Gelderland, The Netherlands: drums

In A World

joint efforts

Johnnykeys-piano,final mix. Henkjan-drums. Jimmy-guitars,vocals,with extra help from Tim Ryan with lyrics.

Any Way I Can

Rock Sessions

Jimmy, NM, USA: guitars, bass Johnneykeys, BC, Canada: keys Manumus, Quebec, Canada: vocals Henkjan, Gelderland, The Netherlands: drums, mix

Love is here to stay

Unplugged sessions


Maria for the President

sharkboy's Album

This is a fun funk centered song. My kids and I are playing with some lyrical concepts that would make this the theme song for my younger daughter's potential presidential campaign  

New Orleans Does'nt Care

joint effort


I can do no wrong

Folk Rock

Vmeister, USA: guitar, vocals, lyrics, songidea Craigers01, Florida, USA: bass guitar Henk-Jan Wormgoor, Gelderland, The Netherlands: drums, mix

Hollywood Sunset

Unplugged Sessions

Acoustic Unplugged Folk Rock Singer Song Writer Ballad style See this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgJfgCxC5hI Vmeister, USA: Guitar, vocals, songconcept, lyrics coroner, Poland: Bass Henkjan, The Netherlands: Drums, mix York-Hathaway: Words & Music

Dance to the Songs of the Earth

Children's Music

Dancing Children's Music GeejLang, Florida, USA: vocals, guitars, songidea (Geej Langlois) johnnykeys, BC, Canada: keys Henkjan, Gelderland, The Netherlands: percussion, mix Paz65, Curritiba, Brazil: master

All Man Sky

Rock Sessions

A 190 bpm up tempo folk rock Myonlineband Jam Session. Inspired by the Allman Brothers

You Left Me

Rock Sessions

Jimmy, NM, USA: vocals, lyrics, rhythm guitar, solo guitar, bass Johnneykeys, BC, Canada: piano, organ Henkjan, Gelderland, The Netherlands: drums, mix

Beautiful Horizon

Latin dreams




BPM 75 / Drop C

Drunk on Funk Jam

Drunk on Funk Jam

No info..

Jimmy & Henk open workspace

joint effort

you dont know it


jimmy's Album

This project was created as a spin off of the project Drum tracks for play along


Rock sessions

Uptempo guitar rock.

My Angel

kipgunter's Album

A song co-written with TiM

My Angel

kipgunter's Album

A song co-written with TiM

texas synth jam

johnnykeys's Album

Defies description

texas synth jam

johnnykeys's Album

Defies description


joint effort

Johnnykeys,keys orbs,FX and mix.Henkjan,drums.Jimmy,guitars,vocal.


joint effort

Johnnykeys,keys orbs,FX and mix.Henkjan,drums.Jimmy,guitars,vocal.



Active amateur drummer: 54 concerts a year on average (650) last 12 years and many music collaborations.

On my You Tube channel you find my studio recordings, live concerts and jam sessions.


Made several playlists for easier access to video in the style you like.

Drumtracks for play along, original music from collaborations, rock, blues, funk, dance, etc.

Have a continuing project for play along drumtracks


Have a continuing project for discussions and info about drumrecording and related subjects.


Have a continuing updated project with real live jam sessions for play along.




All modern styles: pop, rock, funk, R and B, blues, soul, jazz, fusion, latin, world, singer songwriter, dance, strictly dance tempo, marching, drums and percussion, etc.

Song workspaces started by Henkjan

Project Name Status Created Modified
Unconditional love Recruiting / Idea Exchange 4/3/2017 7/16/2017 4:12:00 AM
Reggae 100 bpm. Recruiting / Idea Exchange 2/19/2017 6/26/2017 1:41:00 PM
Christmas songs Recruiting / Idea Exchange 12/6/2016 12/21/2016 4:02:00 PM
Enjoy the band Recruiting / Idea Exchange 10/13/2016 1/3/2017 6:06:00 AM
Play along jam sessions Recruiting / Idea Exchange 1/2/2013 8/17/2017 8:44:00 AM
Drum tracks for play along Recruiting / Idea Exchange 5/14/2010 8/21/2017 2:58:00 AM
Drum Recording Recruiting / Idea Exchange 11/25/2008 8/17/2017 8:57:00 AM

Song workspaces Henkjan has contributed to

Project Name Status Created Modified Files Posted
Instant Love Active 5/31/2017 8/18/2017 4:04:00 PM 4
rock song Active 6/24/2017 7/30/2017 6:39:00 AM 1

Online bands that Henkjan is a member of

Band Name Bio Created
Healing Fire Healing Fire is a band with members spanning four continents.Our mission is to compose creative pop music with complex textures and compelling melodies that engages the listener. 5/30/2009
Tech 6/8/2010
The Beta Testers This is a band to help test new features for the website. If you want to help us make the site better feel free to sign up. Your feedback is what makes this site better. 5/8/2011
SuperTeam The Music Project SuperTeam... Need i say more? 6/18/2011
The Crooked Lines Formed for the publishing of Crooked Line 8/6/2011
The Misunderstood Jam Mellow Psychedelic Space Rock Band Jam Sessions 8/6/2011
AbStrax Do the same thing over and over, but expect a different result, that is the definition of insane. 7/13/2011
Blue Falcons Jazz Fusion Band 7/4/2013
Country Swag Album Country Swag Band - "A Song for You" 3/9/2014
Lucas and the Rockets I'm Lucas, a keyboard player in Nashville. This band will be playing some of my original music and hopefully some band compositions and ideas as well. This is totally a recording project to help build my song catalog as well as get to collaborate with other musicians from around the world and in turn, letting them build their experience. The genres will cover Blues, Jam/funk, Jazz/bebop, and Country. Would like to have steel guitar on some songs, maybe all. There's definitely an overall unique sound, and maybe that involves lots of steel rides. The piano and keyboards will be the driving instruments, with Drums, Bass, guitar and another keyboard player taking sequential impact. Looking for all those instruments. 7/12/2011
Many more thoughts An online virtual band that would consist of different minds and different point of views ....differents thoughts....everyone knows words are words but its the way u say them that decides wether ur crazy or not ....hahaha.... lets get crazy....!!!! 5/13/2014
The Blue Outside A band for people whose passion is music <3 10/30/2015
novocaina trip An online virtual band clasic rock. 12/22/2015
New Virtual Band 5/31/2016
Northern Ghoul

Panic Attack!!! Screamer Voice, Pulsating Bass n Drums help required.

Tribes King Kong basic idea posted - vocals, drums and bass help required. 8/24/2016
Spyder Monkey An online virtual band 12/28/2016

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