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Music by LewisPopper

Another Child of Abraham


This is my first recording. It is on the heavy side as many of my songs are. I have written scores of songs in the past year but only just began writing, playing music and singing a little over a year ago, so I welcome kind and constructive feedback. I consider myself primarily a lyricist but I have no trouble coming up with catchy hooks too. I look forward to working with other musicians and have no expectations beyond that.



I was recently released after more than half a decade in prison. I learned to write songs there and in the past year wrote more than 60 songs. I will upload a few here and see if there is any interest in collaboration. I do not profess to be either a guitarist or vocalist... so please excuse the roughness of recording and try to hear the lyrics and music and imagine your voice/musical talents taking my songs to the next level. I write intensely personal songs mostly but also some lighter fun stuff. Let me know what you think.

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