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Slow Blues Sample


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The Healing

magheroz's Album

90bpm Am dark song. I am looking for someone to write lyrics and a singer.



I play guitar, piano and bass. None of them really good. I'm not an absolute begunner and i couldn't say that I'm intermediate... call me an advanced beginner. Mainly like blues but other styles too. Studied Jazz Piano 15 year ago. Currently playing mainly guitar with a Vintage V100 "les paul" and a Fender Mustang I amp. 


  • Guitar

    Skill Level: Beginner
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Blues,Rock
  • Drums

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Acoustic Rock,Alternative,Blues,Experimental,Jazz,Progressive Rock,Rock
  • Composer

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Musical Styles:Alternative,Experimental,Progressive Rock,Rock

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The Healing Recruiting / Idea Exchange 11/24/2017 1/19/2018 11:29:00 PM

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I Want a Miracle Active 1/8/2013 6/29/2013 5:04:00 AM 2
Do What You Dream Active 1/14/2013 1/16/2013 4:46:00 PM 1

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