Musicians from around the world writing music and sharing ideas over the Internet gives musicians, vocalists, producers, and songwriters the ability to freely collaborate with any other artist regardless of location. Artists from around the world are able to meet online and produce music in “Song Workspaces”. These spaces allow artists to upload and organize music files, loops, lyric sheets and other documentation. Workspace coordinators can control the level of privacy. They can elect their workspace to be public or private depending on their preference. MyOnlineband gives you the freedom to create without restriction. You can create a band that restricts collaboration to members you approve or do an open jam that lets anyone join in.

Learn More about Music Collaboration Workspaces or Read our Music Collaboration FAQ

Contribute to an existing music collaboration workspace.

Search or browse though lists of active projects, find one that matches your music tastes and level of skill and join in! If you are new to the site we highly recommend that you start by participating in an existing project before starting your own.

Create a new Song Workspace

If you have a new piece of music that you would like to record or an old song that you would like to finish, use the new song workspace wizard to get started. The new song workspace wizard will walk you through the steps for creating the workspace including;

  • Creating a workspace name and description
  • Selecting Categories for your project so that it will be easier for potential band mates to find
  • Setting the collaboration model for the project. You decide the level of privacy for your project and who can join and participate. You can choose either public, members only, or private. In Public workspaces (recommended) any member can join in.
  • Copyright settings
  • Post job listings for musicians that you need to help you complete your project.

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