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5/3/2018 1:13:40 PM

Gated Reverb (Phil Collins Snare Reverb Sound)

Into The Lair #55 - 80's Snare Drum Trick

4/25/2018 1:44:25 PM

The Simon Phillips Session - Drums Example
The Simon Phillips Session - Drums Talk
3/2/2018 10:40:51 AM

Using 9 Drums to Record a Kit - Can You Have Too Big of a Drum Sound?

3/2/2018 10:30:42 AM

Bought a new SM57
a. will it improve againt my old SM57?
The old one really was old and very very very heavily used
b. If the old one is OK i have a new one extra for the toms.

11/14/2017 6:21:37 AM

$1700 vs. $100000 Microphone Setup? - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro

11/14/2017 5:30:28 AM

Drum Recording Workshop: Jost Nickel und Peter Walsh am Abbey Road Institute Frankfurt

11/14/2017 5:17:46 AM

Scarlett VS Clarett | Interface Shootout w/ Orlando Drummer

11/12/2017 11:48:06 AM

Drum Recording In A Small Room

9/26/2017 1:41:28 PM

Mixing Home Studio Drums - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro

Drum Recording & Miking Techniques - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro

Cato Tracking Post Hardcore Drums For The Band Brief Lives

9/24/2017 11:19:04 PM

Tips for beginners

How To Record A Song From Scratch - Getting Started -

How To Record A Song From Scratch - Drum Loops -

How To Record A Song From Scratch - Bass Guitar -

How To Record A Song From Scratch - Acoustic & Electric Guitars -

How To Record A Song From Scratch - Virtual Instruments –

How To Record A Song From Scratch - Vocals –

9/24/2017 11:11:02 PM

Quick tips for experienced songwriters.

The Songwriter's Guide To Recording -

9/24/2017 11:36:37 AM

Drum Mixing Trick: Make Home Studio Drums Sound Huge –

8/17/2017 4:56:10 AM

A links with 5 songs were the drums are recorded with 2 NT2A large diaphragm microphones left and right at 158 cm = 62" from the snare drum batter/top head. 
The keys are recorded left and right from the line out from the keyboard.
It is a 4 track recording: 2 drums (L&R) and 2 keys (L&R).
Also the 24 bit wav files are included.
The microphones are positioned extreme left and right to broaden the stereo 
and get more separation and details from the entire kit.
With added close microphones you of course will get a more full sound with more body and punch and depth. 
The tracks are not editied and that gives the maximum sound quality.
Quantisation and all editing does have a negative effect on the sound quality. 
Attention is given to phase and alignment but ...with this recording method there were almost no phase problems, alignment also was almost  OK. 
A very quick recording method to quickly get studio results.

7/4/2017 10:48:31 PM

Matt Johnson: 2 Track Drum Recording with 4 Mics using 511's, 517's and 542's (expensive!!!)

6/28/2017 8:20:22 AM

My percussion recording equipment

6/16/2017 10:15:12 PM

Ash Soan on Session Drumming and Recording - In The Studio With Ash Soan Pt. 1

Ash Soan's Studio Setup (and Recording James Morrison) - In The Studio With Ash Soan Pt. 2

Ash Soan's Home Recording Advice - In The Studio With Ash Soan Pt.3

5/24/2017 11:09:44 PM

To get a great drum sound you need a warm woolen hat and than your drums sounds Ok in every environment. A pet also may improve your drumsound drastically
Check this video's !
Here also a nice warm woolen hat to get a great drum sound
Neil Peart Drum Solo - Rush Live in Frankfurt
Better than any room mic, even ribbon mics or Abbey Road Studio: use a pet!
Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off
Drum Micing Techniques with Grammy Winner Cameron Webb - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro
Tracking Drums - Joe Chiccarelli
Kick & Bass Relationship - Tchad Blake

Deconstructing a Mix

5/8/2017 1:55:24 AM

How to record dynamic DRUM tracks with just the ROOM MIC a la Led Zeppelin
Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 / Recording drums
Recording Drums: What Difference Does The Room Make?
Recorderman Technique - The Real Story from the Recording Session it was Invented At
How To Record BIG, FAT DRUM SOUNDS - Tutorial

3/31/2017 9:28:03 AM

Absolute beginners guide for recording. (up to date march 2017). 
Warch the whole series of 6!
3/18/2017 6:19:27 AM

The Simon Phillips Session - Drums Talk
The Simon Phillips Session - Drums Example
Simon Phillips, studio tips and tricks
Simon Phillips Talks About the Studio Drums for Groove Agent
Simon Phillips: In the Studio
Simon Phillips Studio Drums - Drum Solo
Simon Phillips: Interview & Studio Tour - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro
Simon Phillips drum lesson: getting a big sound from your drum kit

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