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7/26/2012 1:20:19 PM

Ha...  That would of been cool Jim, Johny and Jack..   I don't get Big E to visit often.

I'd love to dig through some more riffs of yours.  We're both monster fans of what you're doing.   To bad Mind Bomb hit a wall.   Tonight I'll drinking to hopefully doing a follow up with you.    
7/26/2012 12:13:47 PM

Thanks Simon for letting me toy around with your amazing hooks.   You are one hell of an awesome guitar player and I have a lot of fun collaborating with this project.  Thank you for letting me run with, and publish, my vision.
7/26/2012 12:08:52 PM

The project has been published.
7/26/2012 12:01:09 PM

you could also use a hook line like "...all my friends are back - jim, johnnie and jack"
7/26/2012 11:58:30 AM

simonb has uploaded a new Idea with the title I just want to accept the invitation.
File Description:empty.

7/26/2012 11:45:32 AM

cant accept any invite :(
7/11/2012 7:46:50 AM

project_junky has uploaded a new Mix with the title New Ballantine.
File Description:Hi Simon

I added a longer first verse and stretched a groove out to get to the second part of the first verse.  I love that feel of that stretch.

My neighbor came over last night to redo things.    We tried to make things different than the norm.    Hope ya like.  

There are a lot of back vox going on.  I'll group them and then create seps of each group.  Then I'll up seps for you if you like.    I think we have everything down.  I 'll try a better mix later and of course you're welcome to try a mix if a like.

I hope we represented your music well with our wacky singing and arrangement.

I'll try and put up a final mix in a day or so unless you want to do one.  Let me know.   That's a great tune to play with..

7/10/2012 9:54:21 AM

Sure.  I'll do that tonight.  Thanks.  I want to change it around.   So there's more room for my friend to do his thing and less of me.    We just were having fun in my music room drinking and this came out.   We can do a better job sober and thinking the parts out.

But I'll up load what we did.  It will chance because I want the structure to let my friend do his thing more.

Do you want me to wait and then send you the chopped arrangement ?  Be cool if you could then add your magic to that and then we go back and redo the vox stuff. 

Let me know.

I'm just glad you like it.  And even more happy that you're from life a few months back.  Great to hear from ya. 

Let me know if I should wait to post the new arrangement or not.
7/10/2012 5:14:47 AM

Hi, this is great!

can you maybe upload the single tracks too?
7/10/2012 5:04:54 AM

project_junky has updated the song concept.

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