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Shattered Image
5/7/2014 1:22:36 AM

shattered Image has updated the song workspace settings. The workspace title has been changed to It Only Hits Me In My Car
11/8/2013 7:59:06 AM

Cmapes has deleted the following item from the workspace: T-1
Shattered Image
11/6/2013 2:03:36 AM

The project has been published.
Shattered Image
11/2/2013 1:36:39 PM

shattered image has uploaded a new Mix with the title It Only Hits Me In My Car.
File Description:Final Mix.

Shattered Image
10/14/2013 4:13:55 AM

Just realized the first version isn't there anymore. I'll just check with "Manumus" that it's still ok to use it! If it is, I'll upload a copy. (Only difference is the vocals)
Shattered Image
10/14/2013 3:43:49 AM

Hey Clint, Yeah, still working on it, have just been really busy lately. Was only thinking today about pressing the publish button on the first mix Manumus put up.
If you want to mess around with a bit of lead that would be cool. Maybe a bit of lead at the beginning too,(Lead up to vocals). I'm going to rename the project to "It only hits me in my car"

10/13/2013 12:05:37 PM

Cmapes has uploaded a new Mix with the title T-1.
File Description:Hi my name is Clint. Just wondering if you are still working on this project? Just some lead ideas mixed in if u are.

Shattered Image
7/30/2013 3:45:57 AM

Been real busy at work so haven't had a chance to have a real good listen yet, but I think I like the first version better, although some parts sound really cool, like the echo (chorus type of part). I'll keep listening over the next few days.
7/26/2013 8:13:39 PM

oh man ,that sounds really nice
7/26/2013 7:26:03 PM

manumus has uploaded a new Mix with the title it hits me in my car.
File Description:heres another mix with a different feeling to it ...ciao amigo.

Shattered Image
7/11/2013 4:08:51 AM

Yeah I hear a kind of Billy Idol sound, but that's OK! Could even be musically too! I can also hear a "DEVO" style in parts, but again.....I like it! I've been listening to it all my car LOL!!!! My work van actually!! It's grown on me and I think I like it even more than "Jimmy play that song".
Both are great! I like the way you layer and record the vocals. The sound is so unique! A little bit pop crossed with rock and punk! Love it.
I've been listening to them for so long without vocals (1 year +) So it takes me a while to get used to hearing my tunes with vocals. 
I was going to suggest a few minor lyric changes, but like any song, the more I listened, the more it all made sense. So I'll listen more before making any suggestions. 
I've got another tune in the works, and I've got a pile of song lyrics written years ago. I just haven't got a clue when it comes to making a tune out of them.
So I might sort through some of them and start a project with a few song lyrics and a few tunes and we could play a bit of mix and match with them and see how they turn out.
But before that I'll have a go at some lead guitar, ouch!! but if I'm as bad as I'm expecting, I'll send "Sharkboy" an invite LOL!!!.
Again.....great job!

7/9/2013 2:48:41 PM

manumus has uploaded a new Mix with the title it only hits me in my car.
File Description:heres the mix i made with your idea of a car... after i saw the video i changed a few things hope u like it and if not well ill try something else ... i find when i hear it it sounds like a bit of billy idol...anyways give me some feedback ...ciao amigo.

7/6/2013 7:04:34 AM

manumus has uploaded a new Idea with the title it only hits me in my car.
File Description:heres another mix ... a really fast track i put in some lyrics and i gave it ...i think the feel i wanted to achieve ...even though the voice isnt to rock...u might get an idea where the song should go.... i took your original idea of cars fast and hard so ...maybe it could help..if u try to put a lead ... i see the leed more like a popish kinda tune...anyways gluk...and keep having fun...ciao amigo.

Shattered Image
5/31/2013 5:02:46 AM

shattered Image has uploaded a new Mix with the title T1 (Track 1) Music Mix.
File Description:This is exactly the same as the concept.  .

Shattered Image
5/25/2013 1:13:37 PM

shattered image has updated the song concept.

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