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3/18/2017 12:43:51 AM

March 2016 demonstration live melody and lyrics writing in collaboration
Have fun and hope you are inspired to develop new songs with my drumtracks.

3/18/2017 12:38:52 AM

Live songwriting (improvisation) March 16 2017. Several styles using chord symbols. 
Inspiration how to develop songs. 
Hope you enjoy and are inspired to make new songs with my drumtracks. 
Have fun!

3/17/2017 12:36:53 AM

Did attend some clinics and watched some songwriting/composition tutorials last weeks
Here some tips.

Tips for songwriting: last weeks clinics and tutorials

Lyrics and melody (interactive)

Make a collaboration group with a melody man/woman.

Start with a track/mix from a rhytm section.

The melody writer makes a melody and a very rough vocal based on only sounds.

With this melody and sounds a lyric writer makes a rough lyric.

A third team member does fine shaping and optimizing of the lyrics.

Play along track (interactive)

Form a rhythm section (bass, drums, guitar, keys)

Write a chord progression and bars (stucture) on a white board.

Choose a tempo and style.

Do a run.

Than step by step change all variables and record all variations/versions.

Change tempo, change style, change chords, add rhytms/ensemble or section accents, fine shape/ modify/ add or remove chords, change key, add effects, add solo's, change timing of individual members or groups, change relative volume of members or groups, make parts or individual tracks/stems fuller or less or change mood or approach/interpretation, develop the song structure, add solo's, etc.

Improvisation (trio)

Build it up. Start standard, than gradually add more interpretations and variations.

Never put it all in the first improvisation.

Experiment with laid back and forward.

Watch the end of a chorus/verse A/B and give signs to the others how to develop further.

Start an improvisation near your belt (in the middle of the keyboard and later on devleop the highs and lows. )


Use all standard and well known chord progressions, styles, rhythms etc: what is popular and well known that is what most people like and recognise so … those elelements should be there on the right spot/time, place, instruments, etc.

Use small deviations from the standard and well known types/[pogressions/sounds etc. to make people interested and keep them listening.

Use the well known emotions and functions of minor, major and other chords.

If a melody is following a well known chord progession or you can hear the chords in the melody you will keep the attention of the listener. If a melody is at randowm, chaotic or with out any chord or structure the listener will stop listening. You have to guide the listener throughout the song.

Use the massive effect of pedal tones or long sustaining notes in the deep percussion like timpany or long low notes on double bass with a bow.

Some notes, melodies, sounds give emotions/feeling/thoughts/visions/etc. Use them well.

Use the effects from film music.

Music, lyrics, instrumentation/orchestration and feeling /emotion/ story should accompany each other.

2/28/2017 9:21:14 AM

108 bpm Ballad Drums Sticks

2/28/2017 9:20:04 AM

108 bpm Ballad Drums Brushes

2/28/2017 9:19:04 AM

108 bpm Ballad Shaker

2/28/2017 9:18:05 AM

108 bpm Ballad Conga

2/28/2017 9:16:16 AM

108 bpm Ballad Cajon

1/25/2017 1:02:28 PM

Jimmy i will spent some time on your new songs/uploads. Thanks and a happy new year.
With greetings of Pink Floyd

1/25/2017 12:59:59 PM

Progressive Rock
4/4 & 3/4 
Changing tempo
2nd part of 3/4 has an accelerating tempo towards the end. 
Improved mix of the drums.

12/30/2016 10:13:35 PM

One for the last day of this year.

12/27/2016 11:29:48 PM

New kind of feel: compliment. Nice puls in the song. Bass guitar gives that nice puls, it fits perfectly to the drums; sits very well in the mix also good balance with rhytm and solo guitar. Sound of drums in the mix is very good. I think vocals may be a bit louder in the mix!.
12/27/2016 4:20:05 PM

Maybe Johnny could do some keys on this...what do you think ?

12/24/2016 10:17:40 AM


12/23/2016 11:59:21 AM

200 bpm brushes swing
This is the quality you are used of me; 
much attention payed to details.
Quantised, cut through the mix, punchy, sound definition,  etc. 

12/23/2016 11:39:18 AM

Twilight Zone

12/23/2016 7:45:55 AM

Henk, I can't find Twilight zone anywhere but on this page.
12/22/2016 9:31:00 PM

I think of optimising the 200 bpm drumtracks: removing the tom tracks to clean up the mud  and use compressors.
12/22/2016 8:23:56 PM

200 bpm swing  sticks 
The end is not 100% so ...
    fade out and/or make more noise than the drums near the end.
This tempo is for me difficult to make 100% quality drums.
Have fun.

12/22/2016 8:20:19 PM

200 bpm swing brushes

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