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12/3/2014 7:43:33 PM

Tweaked the rhythm guitar for a wider stereo image

12/1/2014 5:32:03 PM

The project has been published.
12/1/2014 5:25:17 PM

Virtuosoul,  thanks for the offer!  I've finished a complete mix of the track, but I think WarmGravy is doing an alternate mix, so maybe you can add to that! 
12/1/2014 3:54:31 PM

I can come up with lyrics for this, and I can also play backing track on the guitar. Tell me what topic you want this song to be about? I can help with song direction as well. cheers.
12/1/2014 11:43:00 AM

11/24/2014 6:14:25 PM

Version 3 is obviously pretty heavy and rock-y.  Not my vision for the track, but interesting spin off idea! 
11/24/2014 6:11:47 PM

Gravy, on parts 1-2 you work some nice magic on these recordings.  Great wide stereo image on the vocals and ryth guitar.  My only complaints are that the vocals and ryth guitar sound a bit too wet and phasey for my vision of the track...not wrong...I just envision these a bit drier sounding.  The solo/lead guitar sounds muffled in the mix. 
10/2/2014 3:17:29 AM

Before Part 3 becomes a complete distraction... thoughts on 1 and 2?
10/2/2014 3:15:56 AM's different from the others, but give it a shot anyway. Lay down some guitar for it and we'll see what happens. 
10/1/2014 1:31:58 AM

Gravy, really interesting direction you are taking with the track.  Really cool bass groove with a nod towards Roger Waters.  This is definitely not the direction I intended for Full Frontal Lobotomy since I wanted to keep it stripped down, raw and minimalist - but I have no problem with you exploring a sweet "Gravy remix" as you see fit.

The double tracked rhythm guitar sounds really nice and full...Can describe exactly how you did that?  It sounds more than simply hard panning x2 of the guitar tracks left and right?  Seems like there's modulation to the actual tone going on that I can't replicate without some flanger/chorus in post. 

9/29/2014 2:40:08 PM

Definitely have to work the drums more. You should get the idea.
9/29/2014 2:32:18 PM

60/120 BPM...Same chords...drums and bass throughout...absolutely NOTHING in stone. Give it a try...totally different gets a little "spicy" towards the! Johnny, it could use a transition between the 60 BPM section and the 120 BPM section. I dunno...I just went with flow of the day. 

9/29/2014 2:26:36 PM

This has some of Stevie's rhythm guitar added just as a reference.

9/29/2014 9:42:07 AM

There's gonna be a Part 3 ! LOL ! Yup...I'm gonna work on a full drum, BPM version as well. Why the hell not, eh? 
9/29/2014 9:38:07 AM

Shorter version....tighter timing. Since the first solo was used in Part 1, I used the second solo for Part 2. Added some rain for ambiance. Only room for one verse so make it count !  

9/29/2014 6:58:18 AM

Includes rhythm guitar, swirl pads, bass, the first solo (of the originals), and vocals of what I have so far (for placement only). I added a few bars between the first verse and second verse. Having them back to back sounded way too rushed for the feel of the song.Plus, it's nice to just let the swirl pads take you away for a while. Bridge vocals go on the bridge (obviously), but I don't have any vocals for that yet. This version is shorter than the original and ends more abruptly.I think how it ends depends on what song comes after it. I can extend the fade out if needed. If there's 2 versions, 6+ minutes for each is a bit excessive. This one is at around 4 minutes and I'll try to keep Part 2 around 4 minutes as well. Lemme know what you think...nothing is in stone. 

9/29/2014 6:52:24 AM

The same page comment is so true... The first thing I did when Steve posted the vocals was to remix a version with the first verse just vocals and keys, then I saw you had done the same thing...LOL
9/29/2014 2:49:48 AM

Stevie...that lush guitar is the product of double tracking, like I mentioned before. There's actually no chorus or flanger effect added at all. Pretty cool,eh? takes time to get it right, but it has a more unique sound that just adding a plugin IMO. never ceases to amaze me how the two of us are 99.9% on the same page. Shortly after uploading and listening to the mix again, but BEFORE you commented, I had the same idea of making two different versions! Not sure about the start and end of the album, but a Part 1 and Part 2 definitely. I think it would depend on the content of the rest of the album where the placement is.

So, with all this being said, I agree on 2 versions. A few issues do arise if this happens.
1 - Lets just call the guitar/swirl version Part 1 and the empty organ version Part 2.
2 - Which version gets the current guitar solos ? Can't use the same solo in both      versions...That's just silly. New solos will be needed for one version. I opt for keeping the current solos in Part 2.
3 - Should we use the same rhythm guitar track for both versions? I really don't see a problem with it...just putting that out there.

I'll start plugging away. I'll try to get a Part 1 posted today.

9/25/2014 10:22:21 PM

I'm glad you guys dig the track so much.  I was in a dark place when I wrote it (the guitar solos tell it all).  I was surprised at first with the amount of attention you guys gave it since I figured it was really experimental and inaccessible - but it's a proven a great canvas for you guys to work over. 

I love all the work you guys have done, and I have no problem having the song arranged as you see fit.  I figure we can submit our own mixes/arrangements and select the one we like the most. 

9/25/2014 7:54:43 PM

In my humble opinion.... I'm hearing a song and its reprise.
If I were arranging an album I would use both versions as themes. The first would start with just the guitar and voice and the swirling bits and never leave the sparse realm. The reprise would start with the emptiness of the keys a la warm gravy's mix, and gradually build into a more extended series of solo's and possibly a heavier vocal line. I'd throw in drums (but only 3/4 of the way through) to really build it to one of those iconic guitar solos, and then let it drop back down to hang off the goosebump chords at the end. Issue it on vinyl, and you've got the start of side one, and the ending of side two.
This is a really great piece of music; it takes me to another "place" which is about the best compliment I can give. The extended intro forces the listener to have patience. As for the timing issues, I can always redo the electric piano chords.

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