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9/25/2015 10:54:37 PM

Listening back, this track sucks bad, the riffs okay, but how I recorded it sounds like garbage, along with a lot of my other recordings ha
9/18/2014 2:15:42 AM

thanks, and its okay to be slacking, this band im sure is each of ours side project along with many other bands so its all good take all the time ya need, im also not against the idea of doing a cover.
9/15/2014 11:34:18 AM

track's badass btw
9/15/2014 11:33:36 AM

take the money and run..?
fuck steve miller.

9/15/2014 10:57:41 AM

Liking those last 2. I know, I know. Ive been slacking on getting any bass lines done. Been kinda crazy in my world the last few months. 
Out of all the songs we have drums and guitar for, what one would you like me to work on the most?
I also have an idea. What do you think about doing a cover song? I would love to redo and metalize "Steve Miller's - Take the Money and Run"

9/13/2014 11:32:06 PM

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