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3/30/2015 9:13:37 PM

Alright. Try this link. You should be able to get the drums here:
3/29/2015 8:22:52 PM

No worries. Still working on playing that and the 5 other Rush tunes I am learning for that gig. All fun ones like YYZ. Hopefully I won't suck too bad and maybe this could lead to something cool.
3/26/2015 6:26:10 PM

Shit. Sorry man. Ill get this to you tomorrow. Been crazy busy lately. Still working on the Rush cover too.
3/14/2015 4:34:58 PM

Can you post the drum track alone? Thanks
3/6/2015 6:01:49 AM

Ok cool. so any more tweaking then or is it a wrap ?
3/5/2015 9:05:52 AM

Like that one much better. Much smoother overall.
3/3/2015 5:33:43 PM

Alright. Try this out.

2/27/2015 6:11:49 AM

Got it. I`ll work on it some over the weekend and into next week.
2/26/2015 10:28:07 AM

First of all, thanks for all the work you are putting in. I know this tune is a bit of a bastard. Much more complex an arrangement that the usual.
I actually don't mind the percussion in the first section. That beat works well. 
For the second section that starts at 0:47, I think we need some sort of fill or something. The transition is somewhat jarring right now. The beat you go into there is not bad but the transition needs work.
For the next section starting at 1:04, the beat needs to be more driving. Snare needs to be on 2 & 4 to drive that 16th note feel more.
For 1:22 over the arpeggiated part, needs to be heavier. I think you can play around a bit hear kind of like some of the stuff that the Animals as Leader guy does.
The next section (chorus) is fine. I think that beat works well.

For the 6/8 part starting at 4:15, I really like the way you play that. Sounds cool. Maybe you can add a bit more on the toms to build it up as it moves.

For the next section starting at 4:54,l listen to the bass part. I need the kick drum to be in unison with the bass guitar rhythm. Other then that, your beat is really cool.

The ending needs to build up and be heavier.

2/24/2015 4:49:21 PM

Ok cool Ill give it a listen. As far as the drums thus far though, what do you want changed, or rather what dont you like? The added percussive elements were a gamble and a bit of experimenting.  I can easily remove those if they dont work.
2/22/2015 4:44:31 PM

I think it is a good start. When I wrote this I was listening to allot of Animals as Leaders and at the same time was learning a bunch of Foo Fighters other 90s alternative stuff for a cover band I was jamming with. Check this out.

2/20/2015 10:10:25 AM

OK. Give it a whirl see what you think. I did some experimenting. Good bad ugly?

2/18/2015 5:00:05 PM

Ok thanks. That helps
2/18/2015 4:36:05 PM

Here is the midi for that section.

2/18/2015 4:30:59 PM

Its a 6-8 rock. The way I have it layed out in the pattern repeats 8 times with a little fill at the end of that last that kind of breaks it up. This repeats three times followed by a two bars in 4/4 rest.
2/18/2015 4:01:09 PM

Drums are coming along. That part at 4:20 though. Is that 3/4 time? Also whats the drumming style?.....e.q. 6-8 rock? 8th rock? Could you post up the midi for that? I like what your drums are doing there and would like to just replicate it.

2/14/2015 2:15:50 AM

It is 120 all the way through.
2/13/2015 5:10:34 PM

Ok cool. Is the tempo 120 on this? Sounds like it changes a bit towards the end of the song?
2/13/2015 4:23:11 AM

Here is the version without the programmed drums. I also have a bass part but it is not complete.

2/3/2015 6:46:40 AM

Ill take a crack at drums.....

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