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7/24/2015 3:20:02 AM

Recorded the drums. July 24. 
Hope to upload within coming month.
Takes me more than 1 or 2 hard working 8 hour days for 1 drumtrack and mix and video
Recorded 15 songs! Finished about 6 now.
It all on my hard.
This one was difficult: at my top or above my level.

7/17/2015 8:41:27 AM

not in best format some spelling errors but if you like the style of lyrics tell me! and we can work on it!

7/14/2015 7:55:25 PM

That sounds great, I will redo the guitars definitely.

7/14/2015 10:23:39 AM

Like your song. Compliment. Grooves like hell! 
Fall of my chair listening to it. 
Cant wait starting drumming and recording. 
But that needs some preparation.

Made a play along with click. 
Think about drumming as close as possible to the click.
Afterwards do quantising the drums to 160 bpm.
Doing that i hope to make a pro sounding exact timed drumtrack.
As you hear there are deviations from the click track and you will hear that afterwards 
because i will adapt to the click.

I think you will have to redo the guitars after the drums are ready.
I can upload 
- the drums separately 
- a corresponding click track
- mix with drums and click track

7/12/2015 3:58:42 AM

Nice song; compliment.
I am thinking about contributing.

6/21/2015 6:34:41 PM

Plus, I'm a pretty good bassist, drummer, and lyricist so if you ever wanna meet and get serious in a real studio, which I am still young so I have free time, I can record those positions if we ever make a record.
6/21/2015 6:30:01 PM

I'll open that up right away! Email me whenever.
6/21/2015 5:30:19 PM

Sure, invite me to it whenever you want.  I cannot audition for it because theres no open guitar slot.
6/21/2015 3:56:13 PM

I'm not either but who needs solo?! Ha. I found a pretty good lead guitarist though, so why not? Wanna be in my band or me be in your band? I don't have my guitar with me or else I'd send you a piece I've written. Probably have it in a few weeks. It's in the shop.
6/21/2015 3:42:15 PM

I think I am mainly a rhythm player, don't think im well equipped enough to play lead ha

6/20/2015 6:20:55 PM

Sounds a lot like the stuff I write, you play lead or rhythm?
6/7/2015 12:05:46 AM

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