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3/20/2017 4:24:23 AM

Thanks for listening dude...Yea i Like the uptempo feel to it. I actually forgot about this tune! Lyrics/singing arent my forte, so it would be great to have somebody else come onboard to finish it....
5/26/2016 1:30:30 AM

Hello Nivexor,

Thank you for your message. I would be happy to hear anything you want to contribute to this...Lyrics, vocals whatever you want! If I like it I will accept it as the finsihed product. I look forward to hearing what you have to offer. I would be interested in collaborating further if I like what I hear.

Thank you :-)
5/26/2016 12:14:10 AM

Hi , Do you wanna lyrics too ?
If you can join my band , It will be great !
I can sing it for you .

7/3/2015 8:37:49 AM

Here's he track without any vocals!

7/1/2015 10:11:53 AM

I need a singer!

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