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8/10/2015 11:24:51 PM

Will be nice to meet people on video.
Looking forward to it.

8/10/2015 4:07:57 AM

All the video services will have a latency issue. This is more of an issue of how the Internet works. You can do some latency compensation in software but it will never be real time.
My current plan it to use Google Hang-Outs for Video chat since they have the most open API.

8/10/2015 12:59:17 AM

As reaction to Shattered Image. 
Nice to generate ideas and see if John has some new tools in his IT box to create magic for online musicians world wide.
For instance the Bandhub site has functionality to make your own mix and use video etc. (nice function) but ...for that
- i need internet in my recording room ( i dont have that)
- for testing i did record with a smaal jazz kit in my living room were i have internet (my neighbours were not happy with that development) and ... 
   there is a terrible latency in that system; nice for a rough jam and greeting your family and having some fun etc. but if you are serious in music; it is almost impossible to get your drums close or even somewhere within 32th to 16 th   to the click. 
- the off line processing as used in Myonlineband or Kompoz is far better that the online functions i know at this moment. 
That offline system delivers audio quality at 2015 standards! 
You also can use DropBox or We Transfer as addition to MOB MP3 files to  exchange 16, 24 or even 32 bit float wav files if you want to go to the edge of audio quality.  Just place a link in the MOB project and every member has acces.
The overall sound quality of the online video mixer of Bandhub is terrible if you are used to Myonlineband MP3 Home studio Quality. 
So: i like extra functionality but please try to keep the quality as it is and keep the possibility to do off line processing (as also is done in 2015 professional  studio's: cleaning, quantising, pitch correction, effects added to tracks and master channel, etc.  ) .

8/10/2015 12:43:13 AM

As a new function or an old function that disappeared.
Please generate links of published songs so we can use those for facebook, gmail, etc. 
In a previous website version you could click on the published song and than  you were directed to a special webadres/link with info for that particular song. You could copy that link and use it for facebook, gmail, etc. 
Now that functionality is gone or hidden in a structure that i do not know how it works.
For instance how to generate a link for this song? 
Jimmy & Henk open workspace 

joint effort

you dont know it

Shattered Image
8/6/2015 12:59:47 PM

yeah,I'm on mobile veiw....on windows tablet
8/5/2015 9:34:45 AM

Hi Shattered,
All that functionality is still there. Just click the Artists link on the top of the page. If you are not seeing the links make sure your browser window is wide enough. The links are hidden in the Mobile view.
Shattered Image
8/5/2015 3:34:40 AM

Normal Features: Would like to be able to browse Members easily like it used to be. I like the "Dashboard" but there is less sense of community when you search rather than just browse.

Maybe recorded Intros, or Bio's and have the top 20 "PUBLISHED" songs playing on the site home page with the intros / bios.

Maybe incorporate this in the apps, giving it a more old school live radio feel.

Shattered Image
8/5/2015 3:15:43 AM

How about a MOB virtual studio. (Maybe as a background to a customized work enviroment.) 
Maybe a few wall hangings with newest projects, auditions, members.

Other Ideas: No more music stands, I could have my cheat sheets right there on my drums. My DAW controls on my floor tom for easy access. Could even put the start record button on a drum. 
Collaboration: We could record 3d video whist recording, and instead of just wav files, could actually have video of each member playing there part. Each collaborator could set the scene differently. (Virtual Stage) My head is going BONKERS with possibilities. A complete recording mixing desk on a table top. So you can actually slide the sliders like they are real.
How about when you visit someones profile they appear in the room with you and INTRODUCE themselves to you and for their BIO give you a quick demo of their playing.

The chat room could be "A CHAT ROOM", where we could meet and talk as a group about songs etc... The possibilities are endless.........................................Which in turn means Sharkboy's brain is going to be in overdrive. 

7/22/2015 12:50:42 AM

Great ideas. Hope you have time for it.
I am thinking of inluding or optimising what is
- sharing songs and projects on facebook
- using you tube links
- a kind of video app: if we upload a you tube link with ourselves playing a song. That video is starting (almost) exact like for instance a sync at the beginning or 2 bars intro with click. 
The app fits video of all links in 1 screen and the final song is used as audio:
We all are visible playing in that song.
- a kind of bandhub approach but than with off line material using a you tube link or a kind of upload function
- an online play along drum app for your first song concept. 
 Just start and stop. Type in or dial the required tempo. Choose from for instance 20 beats, if possibe with real drum sounds:
a normal metronome with click/cowbell or other sound, rock, funk, metal, ballad, bossa, samba, train beat, swing, shuffle, 6/8, rock n roll, shaker 8th notes, tambourine on 2 and 4, etc. A professional friend made these apps. Perhaps they can be integrated in MOB.
- i miss the contact
   * just talking about music and telling what you do or are interested in like a music cafĂ© or musicians bar
  * stimulating each other in collaboration projects or developments
So everything that helps for that.

- experienced some small erros in the project search and artists search function; perhaps they can be optimised/solved. For instance find 
the project War God  by     Mote_Meal

Yes it is there, Yes i did find it using  drums. 
But ... lost track of it and ...could not find it again using the artist or project search functions
- optimising some known errors 
- an enjoy vacation and family time app for the web owner

7/19/2015 8:51:24 AM

If you guys have not seen Halolense before check out the video below. Try and imagine how this could be used for music collaboration. I think this opens a new world of possibilities.

7/17/2015 8:44:21 PM

The concept would be how the Hololense version of the app may work. Three holograms, one is the screen showing a web view, on the floor is a wav form from the playing audio, then third is an avatar rendered as a 3d hologram
7/17/2015 8:42:02 PM

sharkboy has updated the song concept.

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