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5/22/2016 11:59:19 AM

Thx Eleven. 
5/22/2016 11:42:30 AM

Nice work on the video Jinxx!
It looks like you really paid attention to detail and timed alot of the images to coincide with the music.
Really well done.

5/19/2016 10:56:41 PM

Haha thanks guys
5/19/2016 12:33:00 PM


Great video Jinxx!!

5/19/2016 4:31:02 AM

Killer vid man I love it! Perfect!
5/18/2016 1:12:39 PM

Hi Guys. I`ve just made some graphics to our first track. Nothing special. Just to put it on youtube. Please check it out and tell me what you think.
11/8/2015 5:15:48 AM

Hi jinxx! Reverbnation seems to be a good place for musicians, I like the idea :]
I also haven't got much time, because I've a child, I'm working and also studying an IT degree at UOC (Open University of Catalonia), but I would like to collab with CFB in my spare time, but no problem if you want to invite other guitarrists. From the musical perspective, I think is good to work with different musicians and share different points of view. On the other hand, I would like to add this tune to my profile, but you have to publish the song before.

11/7/2015 11:58:38 PM

I`ve started sites on:

but i didn`t do anything with the graphics and stuff  beacause I don`t have much free time now (my family is getting bigger :) ) but I hope in few days i will go on with CFB
11/6/2015 11:44:12 AM

Hi jinxx! I'm looking forward to see this song published on MOB. Are you planning to do so? Another good site could be youtube, for example.
10/31/2015 12:30:27 PM

Theres also
10/28/2015 7:24:38 PM

Last one sounds excellent and full. Would be cool to have a Soundcloud page....just an idea.
10/28/2015 1:27:36 AM

ok will do it but It will be fine to have some more songs.
what site do you prefer  Reverbnation ? Last FM? Maybe you know some other good sites to do it?
10/27/2015 10:59:07 AM

Hi Jinxx, it sounds great!! You did a nice job ;) For me the song could be published if  you desire. Cheers.
10/26/2015 11:13:44 PM

Final version witht all the changes I wrote below.

10/26/2015 1:01:28 PM

Hi jinxx! Of course I would like to collaborate on more projects of Charles Fucking Bronson! But I haven't got too much time (kids, work...) so I would try to do the recordings in my spare time. Regards.
10/26/2015 4:40:23 AM

I will put here tomorrow a final version.
My friend is pro in mixing and stuf and he gave some tips.  So what i did:
1. I`ve changed sound of drums (more bass by eqaulizer) and separate it a little bit more from bass guitar.
2.  bass is less boomy now
3. gutars  are more panoramic 
4. I`ve volume up some fragments of your vocal and put it little forward
5. Make SSS guitar little bit forward.

I will put the last version here tomorrow. But dont expect something drastically differend, these are only little changes. This is all I can do coz I`m no a pro.

I case of next tracks:  I hope to make some new songs in the same crew :) So you all   CIVIL /  SSS / eleven   if you have some ideas go on ond put it Charles Bronson band space.
I`ve started some new projects here  and working on new right now. So I thing Charles Fuckin Bronson is still in the game.

10/26/2015 4:14:26 AM

Latest mix sounds pretty damn good Jinxx. Cannot wait to hear if it gets an even better mix...would be sweet. I look forward to working on some more songs once they get closer to completion with instruments and all.
10/20/2015 11:12:38 PM

Hi SSS.  I`ve put bass volume little lower and your guitar is little bit louder. Now it`s much better I think, but that`s not over yet. I`ve got two friends wich are pro at mix and mastering, I`ve send them this last version and lets see what they will tell.  I will let you all know about the result.
Ps. In the meantime  I will create two more songs for Charles F Bronson :) I will create it today. I hope we will do it in the same lineup :)

10/20/2015 6:31:55 AM

Hi Jinxx! I agree with eleven... the bass sounds a little boomy. Did you check out that webpage? If you need to redo the rythm guitar, please tell me. Also I think you could try to pan the guitars a bit more. I think we should improve this kind of things before publish the song. On the other hand, I don't know much about production & mastering, but I would try to mix and master it using t-racks VST; normally the result is quite good, but I don't know much about compression, eq's... so probably the result wouldn't be professional at all.
10/18/2015 2:25:10 AM

You are right about this bass, Yesterday I`ve listened to it again on speakers and yes the bass were boomy. Now it`s ok. I will check this site. Thanks

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