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5/18/2016 6:45:01 AM

take a look at the work space"A Song With No Name" I have a few drum tracks you haven't looked at. That's pretty much the last of them. If you can find a web site that has drum tracks for sale, let me know. I wont mind spending a few bucks on a drum track you want to work with.
5/17/2016 9:41:55 AM

Just my 2 cents but, you should really think about getting a tub amp. Be it a combo or a stack. Changing tubes looking for that perfect tone can be fun and not all that expensive.
Check this head out. All tube, usb, DAW ready, and you can get a cab after you pay it off.

If your that kind of person that really likes to DIY, there are all kinds of sites on the web that offer a "build your own custom head kit."

5/16/2016 8:07:32 PM

Haven't found a specific amp yet.  Was looking at amp heads and cabs but they are pretty expensive even with a payment plan
5/16/2016 10:47:59 AM

what are you looking at? Ive spent many hours researching amps.
5/16/2016 5:07:46 AM

I might buy a new amp, also been looking at learning drums for awhile and that would be a good place to buy them.
5/14/2016 8:07:54 PM

Oh hell yea I'll check them out
5/14/2016 6:33:05 AM

I think we may both be our biggest critics. If you think my vox sounds better, your deaf. lol
I love the guitar threw the amp sound. To bad a nice collection of amps is out of reach for most people. That's why I went with IK's stuff.
If you ever start looking around for a new amp, check out They let you make payments and NO CREADET CHECKS. Ive bought an amp and a few guitars from them.

5/14/2016 5:27:26 AM

Thanks for the kind words but they aren't as good as yours haha. What do you think of the tone for the amp?
5/13/2016 6:36:08 AM

That was bad ass bro. It had a STP sound to it. Way better than my vox. Back in 94, when I was about your age, my favorite song was "Silvergun Superman". That song had a big influence on my bass playing style. That one and GnR's "Rocket Queen"
5/13/2016 4:23:14 AM

First time in years recording my actual amp with a mic.  What do you think?

5/12/2016 10:03:44 AM

Ya do that. Ill keep working on the vox for this one. I'm going to play around with the mic settings seeing how Ive never done vox either.
I'm going to take a few days off, so Ill post something Monday unless I do something I thing sound REALLY GOOD.
Have a good weekend bud.

5/12/2016 5:40:32 AM

If it would make you feel better i can upload a track i made this morning that I sang on and where I actually mic'd my amp up, very experimental then what I am used to ha I have never sung on a track before
5/12/2016 3:14:18 AM

Maybe thicken the vocal track or make it a little louder, kind of sounds like all of the instruments are drowning you out
5/12/2016 12:55:47 AM

Its actually better then other vocals I hear so yea keep working at it for sure and it'll be great
5/11/2016 7:22:22 PM

Well, seeing how we cant find anyone to do vox........... Let me know what you think. If it sounds like shit, say so. Wont hurt my feelings any. If you like it I can work at it some more.
One more thing, I did this kind of late at night so I had to mix it with my headphones. If you can ,put your on before hitting play. I'll take a look at it tomorrow and see if it needs some more tweaking.

5/7/2016 7:09:36 AM

Ive never recorded with an amp and mic. Ive always used FL studio 10 and AmpliTube. I always record my tracks clean and then add AMP and FX chain.......... 1st guitar or bass - computer interface - FL studio - AmpliTube - Now comes the FX chain........ 1st a recorder - then the amp set up I want. "this way I can change amps and cabs latter if I want" - then a compressor - EQ - any reverb or delay fx - and last but most important is a clipper or brickwall limiter.
You may be asking "why the recorder before the amp?" This way your track is completely clean. No distortion. You have full control over that track in the mix.
If you downloaded IK Multimedia's "custom shop" you should already have there "Classic EQ" it comes free with that. It should also have a free Meter with "Perceived Loudness" 
Do yourself a favor and buy the T-RackS Classic mastering plug-in. It cost $75 but its an almost must have.

5/7/2016 4:42:14 AM

How would you recommend actually recording the guitars?  I would record with a mic and amp but my combo amp is laughable and I do not have a good mic.  I have been recording line-in for years and like what im getting, and I have been recording live where I can hear what tone im getting through the speakers with a active effect chain on... or should I record with plain guitar first then add the effect chain on later.  Not sure how much of a difference it makes or if it even matters.
5/7/2016 4:31:59 AM

That sounds great, and yeah you have to upload the file you want to make into the project concept for some reason.
5/6/2016 3:10:36 PM

Hashishian has updated the song concept.
5/6/2016 2:30:08 PM

I think I may have just figured out the problem I've been having when it comes to getting my mixes to sound louder and better. I feel like a dumb ass that it took me this long to get what I was doing wrong. Fuck me if this isn't the best mix I've posted to date.

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