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9/30/2017 11:25:29 AM

Sounds cool. Let me play with it and see how it sounds with the other tracks
9/28/2017 6:26:23 PM

It's only 2 mins...I could double it up to 4 if you want.
9/28/2017 6:24:42 PM

Here's a quick mix of bass and drums only. @ Sharkboy...if you post seps I'll drop them in. Been a while, but I love this piece!

1/13/2017 2:28:45 AM

Thanks VMAN
1/13/2017 2:18:08 AM

I'm sure you know this already, but the site doesn't recognize or allow files with .mid extensions to be selected for upload. I changed the extension to ".pdf", so just change it back to ".mid" after you download it so you can play with different sounds if you want.

1/13/2017 2:13:37 AM

I'll upload the midi file so you can edit it or use that to trigger a different sound if you want. Let me know if you want something different altogether.

1/12/2017 12:49:01 AM


I'm so sorry, but I completely forgot about this too! I have a bad cold now, but will work on this over the weekend to see what I can come up with.
1/5/2017 6:21:45 PM

Forgot about this one. Any takers for the bass line? This is a cool little structure would be great to cap it off so I can publish it.
6/25/2016 4:44:24 PM

Hi VMan,
I would love to hear what you come up with for the bass line.

6/24/2016 5:16:16 AM

I was without my computer for a week due to extensive damage, then had to reconfigure my software and backups because most of the hardware had been replaced on it, so am just getting back now. Sounds good; i like the sound you used for the solo, though I may have taken a different approach if I used a different sound. I'm not sure I could come up with a better drum part or bass line, but if I give it a go I'll gladly post it for you. Nice job.
6/15/2016 1:25:31 AM

I think it needs a bass line as well.
6/14/2016 7:22:18 PM

Who am I kidding...I hear johnnykeys Rhodes all the
6/14/2016 7:20:30 PM

I'm hearing johnnykeys Rhodes...
6/14/2016 4:27:42 AM

Glad to mix it...just post the seps!
6/14/2016 4:09:52 AM

Added the midi piano part and used a Roland electric piano patch then added some reverb. Also added the drums but kept existing drums as well.

6/14/2016 3:53:00 AM

Hi Vman,
The midi file worked for me. I was able to rename the file and import it.

Glad you liked the solo. One of them one take wonders. 
If you want to do the mix I can upload all the seps. I have three guitar tracks. One for the main rhythm guitar, on with the whah / funk part, and then the solo.

6/13/2016 6:00:43 PM

6/13/2016 5:53:47 PM

and who the fuck is playing that solo???? It's Zappa amazing!
6/13/2016 5:50:31 PM

Can you post seps of the guitar?

6/13/2016 5:48:04 PM

I re-worked the drums for the snippet you posted. I really think that this should be an epic, half or full album side song. Unless there is a concrete structure for this, let's play around! Johnny gotta get on board with this one!

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