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10/22/2016 12:34:15 AM

Hashishian has deleted the following item from the workspace: healme_w_guitars.mp3
10/12/2016 11:39:46 AM

Let your wrist get better for now. This can wait. The band is looking to do 6-8 songs so we have months to get ready. 
10/12/2016 9:50:20 AM

Was really trying to just compliment the track on that one
10/12/2016 9:45:49 AM

Heres something I was able to do earlier, a brace makes it harder to move around the neck as much so I kept in the same scale most of it.  I recorded over the keys to see how it sounded, Ill do a version without the keys later and different solos.

10/12/2016 9:05:32 AM

thats a good idea
10/12/2016 8:18:39 AM

Ill probably upload multiple versions to see which one you like betta
10/12/2016 8:11:16 AM

Ill give it a shot now, but hey man if they really like the keys, and I cant blame them it sounds neat,  I wouldnt go changing it.  Ill see what I can do to make it sound up to snuff with the track.
10/12/2016 4:20:32 AM

Ill start messing around on the parts where you took the keys off, ill try to compliment the song in the best way I can,  Ill play a little less hard like I usually do because im a tryhard.
10/11/2016 10:38:23 AM

That sucks. This song isnt that important. Dont go and hurt yourself over it.
10/11/2016 10:21:54 AM

Ill see what I can do,  I was told to stop playing guitar for a month because I just found out I sprained my wrist and it got worst over the last 10 months so I gotta wear a brace >:
10/11/2016 8:27:13 AM

Not sure about the tuning but I would stick with playing in the spots ware the keys where. I havent sold them on removing the keys yet. A little free style wouldn't hurt though. 
10/10/2016 2:52:12 PM

What tuning is this song in? Also where do you want me to play over or is this a kind of do anything kind of thing?
10/10/2016 2:23:26 PM

Id love to give it a shot
10/10/2016 12:41:56 PM

No keys

10/10/2016 9:40:56 AM

let me know what you think. Cool thing is that its a full band and they has said yes to you joining if you want.

10/10/2016 9:38:52 AM

Do you feel like working on a project with me? No hurry on it and it not really our style of music but could be. I hooked up with a band and am just doing the mixing. Was thinking that if we replaced the keys with your guitar solos it would sound bad ass. Ill upload a copy to the workspace and latter Ill upload one without keys.
10/10/2016 9:34:22 AM

Thank God. I was thinking about you and your family all weekend. Glad you are okay
10/10/2016 4:17:35 AM

Just got power back on so happy.  Minor damage to my house but a tree fell on my neighbors I got lucky.
10/6/2016 2:54:50 PM

Got my PC running. It was a Sata cable. Man I hope you are going to be okay. I'm bitching about a PC and your everything is in trouble
10/6/2016 7:37:45 AM

I was going to ask you about having to evacuate. That sucks. My gpu was just old.

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