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2/21/2018 8:41:47 PM

Yeah, that sounds much better to me than doing a cover.
2/21/2018 7:22:04 PM

I just got an apartment so it's probably gonna be a while before I am able to record something decent. I'm still on the process of moving but hopefully this will help me have more space to play and put all my equipment. I'm pretty excited. Life is expensive though lol so it might take me a little bit .
2/21/2018 7:20:07 PM

I like the idea. Drop C? I'll start on something really soon I'm liking the variety here. 
2/21/2018 7:00:41 PM

Hey you guys upto some Nu-metal styled track? I can do the rap part and join in on the chorus if you want. Something similar to Linkin Park as a tribute to Chester. 
And we need to tackle a Soundgarden sound too as a nod to Chris Cornell.
2/21/2018 6:52:22 PM

Whoa guys, sorry for the inactivity.. This is pretty badass!  I can't wait to give a shot at this at vocals.  Awesome stuff!
2/21/2018 5:51:42 AM

Wow that's actually really impressive, I like it 
2/20/2018 5:28:33 AM

As I said I'd do 7 months ago (yes I'm slow as hell), I've tried singing the chorus. Tell me how you think I did!

2/11/2018 5:22:02 AM

Oops yeah I wasn't home, I listened to it through my phone speakers haha I got home now though and I can definitely hear a difference. I like it .
2/10/2018 9:52:07 PM

Maybe you should put on better headphones or I should mix it better but the bass is there xD it comes after 10 seconds
2/10/2018 2:11:26 PM

Wow that sounds awesome dude I was actually very surprised at how it sounds. I knew the original track sounded badass but the change in tuning, drums tone and writing really makes a huge difference. I can't wait until we add the bass and the vocals. I'm thinking of adding strings here and there and maybe a very piano with a bunch of reverb as an ancient track
2/10/2018 8:10:58 AM

That sounds badass, doesn't it?

2/4/2018 10:49:15 AM

Okay here you go, let me know if it works. Just import it into whatever program you're using. If it doesn't work let me know and I'll figure out what I did wrong.

2/4/2018 10:40:31 AM

That's fine, it's still going to help me figure out the drum part easier so we can do a comparison to see which drum sounds suit the song better.
2/4/2018 9:59:12 AM

Yes I have it on my old PC. I could give you the midi but it's not gonna match the new midi drum set you have

2/4/2018 2:29:52 AM

Okay, I've tried to do the drum programming, and it's really tough. Don't you have your original drum track anymore?
1/30/2018 6:41:27 PM

Oh I see I gotcha. Yeah I have a fuzz pedal that does that too. I also have an overdrive tube pedal, it does wonders. The Behringer one. 
1/23/2018 10:25:03 AM

Well, it doesn't really have it, but the tone knob has a surprising range that makes a huge difference in some situations.
1/22/2018 2:31:06 PM

Yeah that would be good if you don't mind. Wow I didn't realize you used samples to do the drum part. That's seriously a lot of work. I just used the VSTs lol there's a few out there that are good but it's hard to find them. And hey that's awesome. I got a fuzz pedal for my guitar but I'm assuming it would also be good on bass I just don't have a bass amp. Hmm a nano pedal has EQ? That's surprising. That's cool though 
1/21/2018 11:36:20 AM

Thanks a lot! I can do the drum programming if you want, I've been looking for free or inexpensive sampler VSTs to make it less of a hassle though, because I used to do it by dragging my samples to GarageBand and then copy-pasting, which is extremely time-consuming and takes up a lot of drive space.
As for the bass, my uncle and cousin gave me an EHX Nano Bass Big Muff. It sounds awesome as a distortion (what it was designed for) but also works efficiently as an EQ when the drive is rolled off. I really like it.
1/20/2018 8:52:22 PM

Okay so I finally did Severed Lies in G. I changed a few things, they're not much but they're there. For the lead I haven't done. I have decided to keep the sweeps and the second sweep I made a little different. It's still a little sloppy but the concept is there for you guy to kind of follow along. It's the same length and everything so all we need to do is just record stuff again and we'll advance on it. I haven't programmed the drums for it either but I will later. Anyway there it is, hope we can finish this song up, it's one of my favorites.

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