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1/30/2017 4:44:57 AM

I should start writing songs in this fashion again sounds much more structured then just recording in one take.
1/30/2017 4:40:19 AM

sounds great sharkboy, metallica meets zappa is a interesting concept
1/30/2017 3:58:54 AM

Love this music! Metallica meets Zappa lol
11/28/2016 8:32:13 PM

11/28/2016 8:29:48 PM

this is badass, but there's a recording of kryptics guitars with an updated drum track if you'd be down to do it again.
11/28/2016 7:57:19 PM

Just some improvised guitar leads. Drinking whiskey till 3 AM vibe somewhere between Hendrix and Zappa.

11/21/2016 12:10:54 AM

OK I'll put it in omegus when I get home.  Have u heard time is killing us demo yet? I think I meant to put it in omegus not sure what I was thinking
11/20/2016 12:04:08 PM

and yeah, Omegus. 
11/20/2016 12:02:59 PM

I was playing to it last night, going to again in a bit. I think I got the mic levels pretty close to dialed.. I was using different rythms, and not sure i'm concrete, i hate when I can't make up my mind.
11/20/2016 8:31:35 AM

Do you want this track to be in Omegus?
11/20/2016 2:47:15 AM

Cool try that but if it doesnt sound right to you dont do it
11/19/2016 6:19:17 AM

My day's pretty free today, i'll turn up the bass mic and see what I can do.
11/19/2016 4:20:01 AM

The 2 mic setup doesnt sound bad.  I can barely hear that bass drum though
11/17/2016 9:13:46 AM

I got my eye on a cheap 7 piece mic kit. im prob gonna get it. i need better headphones to.
11/17/2016 5:33:30 AM

Going out to buy some better pc speakers today, my current ones Ive had since I got my first computer around a decade ago.  I know there are some decent drum mic sets online.  Still upwards of 80+ though shiiit
11/16/2016 9:47:22 AM

I'll try to give a shot hopefully later if I get the chance or later this week. 
11/16/2016 4:51:27 AM

Thanks man! I'll give it another shot tonight. Wish I could get a better quality sound. 2 Mics kind mush it all up.
11/16/2016 12:04:44 AM

You took this up a level with those drums
11/16/2016 12:03:59 AM

Fuck yes that sounds sick dude
11/15/2016 9:19:31 PM

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