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3/25/2017 12:35:21 PM

Here's a bass idea that I am playing with. Had to detune one semi-tone to get an open E...

3/24/2017 3:17:33 PM

Hi Guys! Hope to start working on it tomorrow & hopefully post something this weekend. I thought winter would be over by now, but it keeps coming down here in Ottawa region. Talk to you later! ... JM )
3/24/2017 8:04:32 AM

jmtessier thanks you are interested in this project. 
Always nice to be in a project with you!!!
Hope you have ideas to go further developing the song.
Added some you tube links and a drumtrack that may give some help or direction.
I am willing to redrum after some parts-tracks are uploaded and the song is developed further.
Have fun!

3/24/2017 8:01:15 AM

Will post the vocal iso by tomorrow evening.  Glad to see you again JM and Henkjan.
3/24/2017 7:59:16 AM

To give some ideas i searched 108 bpm songs in several genres.
Perhaps you get some ideas what is possible to develop a song or tracks in this tempo.

Playlist with 108 bpm songs

Playlist with 108 bpm songs

108 bpm Swing Shuffle Blues Drum Track for play along Studio

Funky 80 Guitar BackingTrack 108 Bpm

Backing Track Funk 108 bpm - F Dm

Funk #2 - in G - 108 bpm

Drumless Backing Track Big City Blues Rock (108 BPM)

Reggaeton 5 92-108 BPM // Fitness Beat


Drummer Jamtrack - Minor Blues Shuffle - 108 BPM

Lion City Practice 108 bpm

3/24/2017 7:56:50 AM

108 bpm shuffle blues drums. Just as an experiment. 
This drumtrack has the swing/shuffle/triplet feel and is 108 bpm, 
so perhaps with some editing this will fit.

3/24/2017 4:23:08 AM

Sounds good! I'll play with it over the next few days... JM :)
3/23/2017 8:26:34 PM

Hey JM, here's a version with no bass. The vocoder solo was something I was playing with in the bridge, but the final version will likely have Rocker's vocal instead.

3/23/2017 4:57:40 PM

Hi JK, If you can post a version without bass, I can add a real bass and maybe follow up with a guitar... Hi to all & Season's greetings! 

JM :)

3/23/2017 8:18:46 AM

Rocker do you want to pop an iso track of the vocals in the Dropbox?
3/18/2017 9:11:42 PM

The videos are great! Nice to see them jamming in the different styles, and the vocal improv to develop a song.
3/18/2017 12:45:14 AM

March 2016 demonstration live melody and lyrics writing in collaboration
Hope you are inspired to develop this ... and other songs and use my drum and percussion tracks / mixes.

3/18/2017 12:35:14 AM

If you like general inspiration for songwriting / music collaboration ghere a link of March 16 2017. 
Live songwriting / improvisation on chord symbols in several  styles.

3/17/2017 1:54:23 PM

I am honoured that you were inspired by Johnnykeys songconcept with my percussion. 
If you have ideas on conga that are better, or that you like more, or that is giving you a kick ...please upload your tracks. 
My tracks are straight 8th's and the song is developing to a kind of swing or swung feel.
So do what you like to do.
I am busy but am following this project and will stimulate etc.
I followed this day with clinics yesterday
Verslag Codarts Bass & Drum Masters met video's en foto's
Programmatoelichting van deze dag, 16 maart 2017, tussen 12:00 uur 's middags en 22.00 uur 's avonds.

3/17/2017 12:41:48 AM

OK nice Johnny.
For all contributors / collaborators 

In my drumtrack workspace i added some new general comments/ tips/ techniques regarding songwriting. From clinics i attended last weeks and some tutorials i watched recently. They give some structure and tools for the creative process.

3/13/2017 9:55:22 AM

Thanks Henk! I agree with the idea of more swing in the percussion. I started with a straight feel in the tempo but the triplet feel was where it went.

3/13/2017 1:16:12 AM

3/13/2017 1:06:54 AM

Nice song. 
Compliments Johnnykeys: professional approach!

Vocals are nice.
Rocker0305 you give a nice swinging/shuffling feel to the song.

If you both are willing to upload separate tracks i think a better mix for especially the vocals can be made. The sound of the vocal can be made more shiny, clear, transparent using some eq, compression etc.  In that way the lyrics are more clear to the listener. And mixing with separate tracks  the vocals will shine above the accompaniment, also if more tracks are added. 

My drums and percussion were made for a straight feel song so ... 
they have quantised straight 8th notes in stead of swinging/shuffling  (triplet feel) 8th notes.
I can make triplet based tracks for this song if it develops. 
I will upload my already made 8th note feel tracks. 
If more instruments are added drums come in to give more body.
Nice how simple percussion can set a mood for a song concept.

Here some inspiration for guitar: 
I visited Music Fair Utrecht, The Netherlands last weekend march 5, 2017 and attended a clinic of Gerry Leonard guitarist of David Bowie
In the dropbox you find his performance and is spacy and special/extraordinary
The atmosphere is like Pink Floyd

Here are my 108 bpm 8th note feel tracks in 24 bit wav 44 kHz 
Drums brushes
Drums Sticks
I also have bongo's and a djembe that can be added made special for this song.
I will upload a track to be part of this project.

Some Pink Floyd look alikes
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (straight 8th note feel)
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (6/8 swing shuffle feel)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (8th note feel)
Pink Floyd - Time (1974) legendado (8th note feel: heavily filled up with percussion and drums towards a more heavy approach, with multivocals)

3/9/2017 4:36:21 AM

I was thinking about what could be done with the bridge and I figured a melancholy guitar or even a violin would be appropriate. 
3/8/2017 3:10:48 PM

It's perfect. I like the way the vocal line matches the sparse texture of the music. I was thinking of a guitar in the bridge, but I like what you did with the vocal bridge even better. Great lyrics. Don't know how you do it, but you always manage to go in the direction I was headed....

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