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3/26/2017 6:22:12 AM

Didnt see you sent the message fb has it in a different section for some reason
3/25/2017 8:14:27 PM

Lmao never been to vegas
3/25/2017 3:11:02 PM

cocaine and prostitutes too
3/25/2017 3:10:35 PM

hell yeah dawg lets all goto vegas and win big and hire musicians
3/24/2017 1:06:34 AM

We would need a second guitarist live haha and ofc a bassist
3/23/2017 8:37:28 PM

that would be badass. we would come up with super badass shit
3/23/2017 5:07:14 PM

Sweet, it'd be cool to hear a live version of this all together.
3/23/2017 5:00:08 PM

highoninfinity has updated the song concept.
3/23/2017 4:22:44 PM

God damn those lyrics are fuckin heavy
3/23/2017 3:55:34 PM

3/23/2017 11:20:52 AM

inlove the retro bands that ate coming out, last decade was 70s throwback with witchcraft n shit, now its moved onto the 80s. nostalgia and the shit was just better sounding baxk then. its good to capture
3/23/2017 7:53:51 AM

that's prob true. There's been a lot of speed metal bands appearing though, modern Dokken type shit that I've been into. But yeah, lots of good music coming from peoples PCs, Retro Synth Wave music is pretty fucking cool to.
3/23/2017 3:45:49 AM

I liked a article I read online saying "Some of the best music nowadays is being recorded in someones bedroom." haha
3/22/2017 11:15:37 PM

highoninfinity has updated the song concept.
3/20/2017 3:33:02 AM

Fucking great Durty cant wait to hear it
3/19/2017 3:17:37 PM

the masses flooded the streets, raising banners and holding signs, displeasure with the leaders,they shouted out their slogans, reacting with fear and anger, the army surrounded them, the snipers on the rooftops, took aim at civilians.

the soldiers fired into the crowds their blood flowed into the streets
there lied a yound girl, choking on her blood, a snipers bullet, hit her throat
suffocating, on her own blood, her fate wasnt unique, thousands of others, will be murdered, before this shit fucking ends.

the army closed in, surrounding the crowds with their tanks, prepared to roll through, the crowds of civilians, the order was given, they fired machine guns, then they moved in, the people they couldnt espape.

the flood of people, crushed the tanks, screamed in terror, as they as they died,
the sound of bodies, crunching between, the tracks and pavement, was deafening,
there was nothing, that they could do, to save themselves, theyre fucked. THEYRE FUCKED!

then the gas came, to kill off the survivors, no one will be left, no resistance will be grown,

3/19/2017 2:06:43 PM

hell yeah that sounds good. has that diesel rumble. plowing through crowds of people 
3/19/2017 1:05:22 PM

This song is fucking heavy.
3/19/2017 6:46:17 AM

trying out a new bass tone

3/18/2017 8:12:53 PM

I'll probably go back thru the songs and tab out the individual riffs of each part as a guideline should help

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