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6/16/2018 1:59:40 PM

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3/20/2018 6:01:34 AM

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7/16/2017 12:11:31 AM

A nice mix with energy and spirit. 
It shines and is bright and poppy and with a dance feeling.

Vocal files.
All files

There are some more vocal tracks (multi vocal) . Did you try them? Do they add something or is it better as it is now.

I did some mixing and did get problems with the alignement. 
All energy and enthousiasm in the song disappeard after quantisation. 
You certainly have an alignment that adds energy and feel to the song.

I think this one can be published but ...perhaps you like to do some experiments with the extra vocals. But ....less  oftenis more. Adding those vocals can also change the vibe and energy and spirit. 
More (multi) vocals give more depth, harmony and fullness / richness of sound but sometimes they lower the energy and spirit and brightness like you have now.

Compliments!!! I will send it to Ellen.

7/12/2017 8:29:33 PM

Tried a new mix on this song, with some additional room ambiance on everything, and less clipping. The mix may be a bit quieter overall, but still strong especially when the brass kicks in.

6/26/2017 3:25:41 AM

Made mix. 
Now I  am checking to see if this is final or if I will do some extra work.

6/11/2017 11:07:02 PM

Thanks for the seps
this is the link to all seps and mixes.
In this link some new vocal tracks from Ellen;

Was very busy (9 concerts last 2 weeks and many repetions)
Hope i can do some technical work on the voals tracks (tuning, cleaning/deleting silent parts) to improve the quality of the seps befor the final mixing.
Perhaps i can make a mix within 2 weeks.
If you have more time, are faster, more efficient, have great fun in this project: 
please make a mix ...your last mixes were great.

6/9/2017 9:13:31 PM

loading up some seps for you to remix with

6/9/2017 9:00:10 PM

loading up some seps for you to remix with

5/30/2017 5:00:43 AM

Ellen made several vocal tracks and a rough mix. 
Will upload every thing comings days/week. 
Perhaps i'll do some technical things like tuning correction/optimisation with the vocals.

If you will upload your key tracks that would be nice.
Perhaps i'll made a rough mix to.
You did a great job on the last song; you had a very nice reverb on the vocals and a nice transparent overall sound.
The rough mixes may give you a direction for setting the levels or sound in your mix.

5/22/2017 4:27:12 AM

Some nice ideas for multivocals and nice chords and keys/strings in singer songwriter genre
Bee Gees - Run To Me
This version is with acoustic guitar only
Bee Gees - Run To Me (Live in Las Vegas, 1997 - One Night Only)

5/22/2017 4:12:20 AM

Thanks i ll sent it to Ellen; she is very active and creative last weeks.
5/20/2017 11:22:07 AM

Here is a mix for vocals. I boosted the piano and took the drums down a bit.

5/19/2017 8:35:38 AM

Hello Johnny,
Ellen is willing to redo the vocals.
Can you make a play along mix
- without the vocal
- drums much softer in the mix
- keys should be loud and clear and drums soft Just for sing along. 

Afterwards we (or you) can make a nice mix using the separate tracks.
If you are willing to upload separate tracks that would be great.
You make nice mixes! Good sound quality.

Now the vocals were to soft (but there was a click!) , 
the drums were to loud (but you needed to be louder than the click!) 

5/19/2017 4:45:23 AM

You made a nice keytrack (as always plug and play) and mix.
I can upload a vocal track without a click so you can 
make vocals a bit louder in the mix and perhaps 
add some reverb, compression or 
use a nice female vocal preset and 
set new balances for the mix.

Sounds as being almost finished some extra's can be added
- a bass guitar (perhaps it can be played midi and use a bass guitar sample vst or if you have Tyros perhaps use a built in sound)

- acoustic drums and percussion: Can make some more variations than a loop. 
That will make it sound more like a bancd/combo.  
Sound quality from my home studio can not come close to the professional  studio quality and  the quality of the drummer/percussionist who played this loop. 
It is time consuming recording a dedicated drumtrack. 
Nowadays songs often have a loop. This loop is dedicated to the song.

- backing vocals. Ellen made some harmonies can send them also.

_ i asked Ellen to sing again the vocals now your harmonies and the percussion is there. 
That may result in significant other timing and sound. 

- perhaps a solo guitar can add some licks and riffs. You already did some nice licks/riffs with your keys.

I can upload the existing tuned vocals and the untuned vocals to the project
But perhaps Ellen is willing to rerecord the vocals and than it may fit more close to your contribution.

5/18/2017 5:34:34 PM

This is a test mix with some additional instruments and chord changes. The vocal track is the one with the click on it, which seemed like a good performance to work from.

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