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5/31/2017 4:22:15 PM

Damn dude, you'll still have guitar though. I'm probably about to be doing the same with mine. Down the road maybe find a vintage set of shells and pick up from there.
5/31/2017 11:45:20 AM

damn thats gota suck i gotta sell my drums and get a electric set becuase of noise ordinances or whatever
5/31/2017 8:54:19 AM

Yea, you're right about that. Hardship, depression, and other people and their supperiority bullshit .. I'm couch surfing now, won't be near my drums for awhile. 
5/30/2017 9:35:30 AM

i feel some of the best music comes from pain and hardship people go through in their lives
5/30/2017 9:00:49 AM

also my left hands in a brace so it gonna be mighty fuckin difficult to play guitar ha
5/30/2017 9:00:19 AM

making it sound like machine gun blasts will be bad ass, been moving recently so havent been on as much ech
5/27/2017 4:32:27 AM

Fuck yea man
5/26/2017 2:52:41 PM

Good, vocs will sound cool on these. I've been working on drums for the last few days. I'm gonna do a fast track that's double bass driven, Basic blasts that won't be that fast, I want it to sound like machine gun blasts, it'd be cool with triggers.
5/24/2017 3:25:14 PM

I cant get what i have written into this song with how im.trting to sing it so imma update shit
5/24/2017 3:23:01 PM

Updating the concept lyrics 
5/16/2017 4:59:02 AM

Hell yeah. I found my mic. Kids threw it behind my computer cabinet i dont use. Ill do some vocs tonite. I got an idea on how i want to make it sound.
5/15/2017 8:10:19 AM

Tom Savinni could direct that shit to.
5/15/2017 4:15:17 AM

Hell yeah! There needs to be a spinoff where its the rednecks and bikers vs zombies and survivors
5/15/2017 12:17:30 AM

hahaha, so basically the badasses in the original Dawn of the Dead
5/14/2017 6:40:21 PM

Nah, more like a modern day stinky asshole version of a viking
5/14/2017 10:49:01 AM

Ever since Southpark did that episode about Bikers.. Y'know what I mean?
5/13/2017 4:56:09 PM


tonite im riding my harley,
drinkin beer and gettin fucked up all night
ride around to every hole in the wall bar, 
gonna drink em all dry

i see the biggest set of tits in town
i wanna motorboat those bad boys
but her ol man got some other ideas
so i gotta beat the fuck outta him

chairs are thrown, fist are swinging, bottles are breaking, teeth go flying,
i keep drinkin, as i keep fightin, dont give a fuck if the cops are comin,
bash this motherfuckers head in with my fists and have to do it again, and again and again and again

I ridea way in victory, my harley roars through the streets
the whiskey burning though me, and the pleasure of unleashed fury burns,
through my veins, it take these steel reigns.

cops give chase, the engines roar, the lights get brighter, the cars gets closer,
i pull out a gun, i fire at them, they ram my ass off of the road.

5/13/2017 11:39:25 AM

this song would hit hard as fuck, add a little 808 into the BOOM parts in the begging 
5/13/2017 11:38:25 AM

wondering what label this band would be called, or genre i mean
5/13/2017 11:32:56 AM


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