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7/28/2017 1:47:49 PM

Your song has potential .. can hear some punk/rock etc. rhythms to give it more beat.

Because you are a beginner these recommendations
- tune your guitar precisely befor every recording. E-tuners are about  €4 so ...even a poor student can afford that. They are very easy to use. Tuning tip ///always tune from low towards higher tension. Use very small steps.Than your tuning will be OK and stable. For recording ...check your tuning befor every recording with the e-tuner.
Tuning really is a MUST for recording a song!!!!
- use a click or loop or rhythm box when recording
Doing that you will get drummers that like to rock/punk with you
- upload mixes but also upload the separate tracks so everyone can make a mix for his own purposes and a balanced mix can be made of all the tracks.
- if you want to be perfect ...use 2 bar click intro so everyone can align your project well in his/her DAW and he/she can add a click if he/she likes.
- songwriting is a combination of creative processes your songconcept (just compliments for that!) and blood/sweat and tears activities like recording without noises, using a click , tuning well, have all levels below clipping, etc. 
- write down the chords you used (here a free metronome/click, guitar tuner/chords)
Here all guitar chords
- if you want to have a good sounding song ...use a standard chord progression of a song you like or combine chord progressions of several songs and ...correct/transpose them all to the same key. 

You really have a songconcept with a full structure (compliments!!!) so just needs some more professional approach to get results. 

7/14/2017 5:42:59 PM

I hope you are still active bcuz I would like to work with you in this song
5/17/2017 3:40:27 PM

dthec365 has updated the song workspace settings.
5/17/2017 3:39:40 PM

Please keep in mind this demo is not at all the song we will work on, just there to give you a feel of what the chords should be like and the lyrical style I am looking for
5/17/2017 3:38:29 PM

dthec365 has updated the song concept.

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