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6/6/2017 1:14:22 PM

It was on that first verse,but as I mentioned probably my fault and gave you the wrong note ha.No worries though the pitch can be shifted and still maintain it's exact sound!
6/6/2017 1:22:30 AM

Hi Jason,

Was that off bit centered on D# ??. I was rushing a bit on Saturday to get it finished so just hoped it would be o/k.

Glad you like doing the editing & mixing though. Its a pleasure to be working with you guys


6/5/2017 11:35:08 PM

Bottom line,you and Vince are sitting JUST RIGHT in the mix!
6/5/2017 11:33:55 PM

Alright Tony,glad to have you again!Just began mixing and honestly found a couple of things a bit off but that could be my fault listing the chord progression.Howvere,fret not because audio editing and mixing is what I love doing next to playing guitar and it can be worked out.Other than that small flaw,you got awesome tone and I love the work you did!
6/5/2017 6:56:26 PM

Thanks man, appreciate it! Excellent job on the bass! Sounding real good. Great mix as well!

Have a good time on holiday! 

Oh yea, check out the workspace for grooves. There's a new piece in there were just getting started with. 

6/4/2017 8:12:48 AM

Forgot to mention. I'm away on hols from  8th June for one week. Look forward to rocking on when I get back


6/4/2017 6:27:45 AM

Two tracks as usual, Bass Mix & Bass Only. 
Real nice drums Vince, kept the bass fairly simple on this one.

5/31/2017 6:56:02 AM

Sounds good man! Take your time and hope you had a good holiday!

Really looking forward to hearing your bass in this song!

5/31/2017 4:51:55 AM

Hi Guys,

Been away for a few days visiting friends, looks like you have both been busy.
Great to see that our band is up & running.
Got a few things to take care of but will get my bass out at the weekend if not before.
Really looking forward to working with you guys.


5/27/2017 10:53:06 PM

Sounds good man! Yea we definitely have something great going here and like you said, we just keep plugging along and doing our thing and we'll be fine. 

For sure want to continue working with you guys. And can't wait to start the next project!

We probably should create our band space at some point so that we can have some more collaboration options for future projects though. I'm not sure how it works. Never created one but I'm guessing we can create one where we are all given full access to our material etc...

5/27/2017 8:15:35 PM

No thank you Vince,without you and Tony it just isn't any good.I do make some catchy stuff ha ha the stuff I am giving you now is the not so great stuff.They are good songs,but the best is yet to come and if you and Tony wanna help that is cool.We may all need to take a break here and there but the key to us all working is no rushing,deadlines,just us guys jamming and perfecting things here and there.You and Tony both have been great thus far so I promise next time to hit you guys with something even better!
5/27/2017 12:47:30 PM

Wow thanks man, I'm glad you liked it! Like Tony said, you really make a bassist...and a drummer feel happy! And of course, you are providing some awesome material for us to work with! That makes a HUGE difference. 

Yea I tried that cymbal roll at the end like the 3rd or 4th time jamming through it and really dug it as well!

Can't wait to hear it with Tony's bass included!

5/27/2017 8:32:19 AM

Wow Vince,great work.This take seems just fine to me.On time,great beat,and I LOVE that cymbal roll at the end!
5/27/2017 7:14:40 AM

Here's the drums only. 

5/27/2017 7:12:14 AM

Hey guys. Here's take 1 on the drums from last night. Need to smooth out the changes and I want to redo some of the fills and polish it some in general. But check it out and see what you think. 

Also I wanted to get something up for Tony so he could see where I was going when he writes the bass track. 

5/26/2017 12:15:34 PM

Hey all. Just checking in. 

Was playing around with the song last night and really having a blast!

Have a pretty busy schedule today but will work on it more tonight and hopefully have something up tomorrow. 

5/26/2017 11:42:41 AM

Ok Tony,work at your own pace,no pressure.Also,lol there is alot going on because it has several changes so hit me with any questions about the song :)
5/26/2017 6:16:46 AM

Hi Guys,

Just got back from a break with friends so will take a look at this one tomorrow. 


5/25/2017 2:57:15 PM

Sounds good,I know in my heart you will rock this one out!Take your time,and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
5/25/2017 1:56:54 PM

Cool man, thanks!

Downloading now. 

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