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8/18/2017 12:03:58 PM

Instant love with vocals melody
Ellen Sloot (NL) made a first recording for vocals.
She made a melody and a structure and used lyrics from an existing Dutch Song 
I hope this will inspire you to add sax/flute etc. 

8/18/2017 3:41:12 AM

Quantised the songconept to exactly 75.000 bpm
Added a percussion loop at 75.000 bpm

- new songconcept 75.000 bpm
- percussion track 75.000 bpm
- mix songconcept & percussion track 75.000 bpm

I invited a singer but have no reaction yet.
I think flute or sax can be nice. Please watch to get a nice and tuned sound.
I can correct the tuning afterwards to exact notes.
I cannot correct the sound / feel of the flute or sax.
I can add some effects
Please record carefully and avoid back ground noises etc. 
Have fun: nice song concept!

8/18/2017 3:27:27 AM

Songconcept quantised to 75.000 bpm

8/18/2017 3:26:18 AM

Percussion at 75.000 bpm

8/18/2017 3:25:17 AM

Instant love songconcept & percussion 75 bpm
First quantised the songconcept to 75.000 bpm afterwards i added the  the percussion

8/18/2017 2:15:32 AM

The song can for sure use some melody and/or solo's/riffs
Lyrics and vocals would be nice but i think instrumental also is possible.

8/17/2017 8:08:38 PM

hi i'm a saxophone player anf a flute player maybe i can join with your band..thanks

7/28/2017 1:20:08 PM

I have conga's and bongo's and some effects like a barchine, a splash cymbal and shakers.
I am going to experiment with this.
Hope something usefull will come out of it.
If anyone else will contribute ... dont hesitate and ...
perhaps we can combine the contributions. 

5/31/2017 1:47:12 PM

goldman has updated the song workspace settings.
5/31/2017 1:42:31 PM

goldman has updated the song concept.

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