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8/2/2017 3:01:51 AM

it`s ok for me. So we`re waiting for vocalist now (maybe he will have a way different view that we do;) will see) 
8/1/2017 1:13:00 PM

This is just a rough draft of the vocal idea and how the solo fits. I love the ending "I don't care, I don't mind." I found myself walking around singing it. So it stuck in my head. So why not open with that!? ..Or not.. I didn't change any of the song order just the lyric order.

I also re worked the lyrics a bit. When I get home to my microphone I might try and post a crappy vocal sample too :D
What do you think of this?

I don't care
I don't mind
I just leave this all behind

I'm outside on a summer beach day
Do what I want and I feel ok
Quit my job, test my luck
You don't fake it
When you don't give a fuck

You don't fake it
in your mind you say
I do what I want
Get out of my way!


Under the sun on a surfer beach ride
say what you like and it feels alright
its a relief, got nothing to hide
You don't fake it
Cuz you don't give a fuck

I don't care
I don't mind
I just leave this all behind

8/1/2017 12:01:50 PM

not at all. Go on :)
8/1/2017 11:16:13 AM

You don't mind if I rework bits of the song do you? I have some ideas I might try and work out. I will post them when I get the chance.
8/1/2017 4:12:08 AM

No. Just a comment that I like the lyrics and vocal melody. It didn't post it though.
8/1/2017 12:32:13 AM

Did you post some file? I see blank space

7/31/2017 6:31:14 PM

7/31/2017 1:12:53 PM

First of all please dont mind my crappy vocal. It sucks because i can`t sing at all and its recorded by phone :D But its only to see the flow of the song. Lyric can be different of course when some vocalist will join us and decide to change it I dont mind. This is only to get the flow and syllables and we can go on with the arrange of this song.

ein zwei drei fire
when it`s enough
ready enough for a blow react
You don`t fake and it goes like that
you dont fake it when you dont give a fuck

Under the sun on a surfers beach ride
you dont pretend and you feel "im alive"
and so in work when your boss is a twat
You dont fake it coz you don`t give a fuck

You dont fake
and in your mind you count
I don give a fuck

Under the sun on a surfers beach ride
say what you like and you fell allright
It`s a relief, there is nothing to hide
you dont fake coz you don`t give a fuck

I don care 
I dont mind
I just leave it all behind

7/1/2017 7:57:23 AM

Ok I will try to put here something when I get back. 
6/26/2017 8:17:28 AM

I'd like to wait for the lyrics before I start on any kind of second guitar. Get some idea of a vocal melody or something.
6/26/2017 12:10:17 AM

I have some idea with the lyrics. Im working on it now and on the arrange. btw you can make a second guitar in the meanwhile
6/25/2017 3:30:03 PM

By the way the bass sounds great! It needs lyrics and vocals. And if no one else wants to add a second guitar I can.
I didn't notice a difference in the playing. I was to busy jamming along lol. Might be better to have 2 different styles, to prevent the repetitiveness that is the main riff.... A cool vocal melody could go a long way for this track though.

6/25/2017 3:24:43 PM

Did you still need this?

6/25/2017 1:22:01 PM

I`ve recorded bass concept. In first refrain it goes little different than the second. I dont know which is better. Or maybe it will be better to leave it that way?

6/21/2017 2:20:19 PM

I was thinking it would need a lead guitar at least. I was going to add that (or let someone else) after bass gets added. 
Working on another song now but, I've only heard it on my crappy head phones. Not sure how well the duel track guitars match up.

6/21/2017 11:50:51 AM

Hyper Ramones style!! :) I think it`s a cool base. Needs good lyrics, second guitar and it will all sound awesome. Great job!
6/20/2017 9:23:38 AM

sixstrings has updated the song concept.

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