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7/30/2017 2:38:56 AM

These songs always are inspiring: Did attend some clinics of this drummer.

Marco Borsato - Dromen Zijn Bedrog

Marco Borsato - Ik Leef Niet Meer Voor Jou

7/30/2017 1:35:54 AM

Click track 120 bpm

7/30/2017 1:29:19 AM

Made a song structure at 120 bpm. I can make a drum track for such a structure.
Hope you get ideas, be inspired.
If you like the structure i  can make a drumtrack for this structure 
thus you are free to fit in / add your songidea and new ideas.

If you import the structure (and MP3) in your Daw, set your daw to 120 bpm, set your grid  to bar (in set of time or samples) than you can adjust it to fit exactly. 
That will help you to align the drumtrack and to align the new uploaded files .
I am running out of space so i have to delete some files in some projects.

After deleting files i uploaded a 120 bpm clicktrack. 
i strongly recommend to use such a click track in your daw. 
These details such as alignment , using a click, tuning your guitar, etc. are crucial to get a good end result.
Starting like this  will be of great help for the other contributors like vocals, lyrics, bass, keys , etc.

7/30/2017 1:19:48 AM

Idea songstructure: 2 bars click intro, 4 bars intro, 32 bars songidea (A,A), 16 bars new (B), 4 bars bridge (C ), 32 bars songidea with solo's (A,A), 4 bars outro 
Song tempo 120 bpm
My melody and solo are just for example and to get the structure. 
I used some standard techniques from improvisation. 
You can take some of those ideas and make your own heavenly solo or melody with it.

7/29/2017 10:15:03 PM

OK i understand; you have to start with an idea and is a good idea!!!
So i want to help you.
Perhaps Tiffers1982 can help you she is an excellent singer/songwriter and she is very good in melody and lyrics.

What can you do yourself with the tools and examples i mentioned?
I expect you can improvise on chord progressions or make variations on existing songs and do some soloing so ...
you know how to develop your own ideas when some material is available.
Most guitar players know the key in which they play; they always ask what key is the song and ...than they know what chords to use.
Si i expect you know the key of the chord progression you made.
Lets for example say it is in F.

Using my example songs, example artists, example styles and example riffs you start serving the internet and your memory of favourite songs tilll you find some nice songs with riffs , chord progression of melody or style you like.

You go to riffstation and find that song or a similar song.
You see the chord progression there and the key. Say the key is A.

Now you have to transpose those chords of riffstation to the key of F. 
How to do that?
From c to cis is 1 half step; from cis to d is 1 half step so ...from c to d is 2 half steps.
C cis d is 3 notes and 2 half steps.

Say the song on riff station is in the key A
F fis g gis A is 5 notes and 4 half steps.

Now you can go to the chords finder link.
You have to downscale/down transpose the chords of the riff station song with 4 half steps to get the chord progression in F.

Say the song on riff station is in the key of A
You now have to downscale all the chords you find in the riff station song in the key of A with 5 notes or 4 half steps to get the chords in the key of F.

For instance you find an E7 in in the riffstation song in the key of A
E dis d cis c are 5 notes and 4 half steps. So your chord in F should be: C7
you find how that chord should be played.

Say you use your own chords for the verse and the riffstation chords for teh chorus.
You know have to do some improvisations on the chords of the chorus to get some ideas.
Than play the chord progression of the verse and the chorus and improvise on all these parts integral. Now you will develop a verse and a chorus that fit together.

Next step is to find a bridge. After making a son structure aaba of perhaps abcab you must have a bridge ...say d and than your song will be perhaps abcabdaa

Will take some time but you will find some bridge anywhere when you start improvising, experimenting and also watch you tubes in the way i did.

Mostly there is a 4 bar intro and you need some 4 bar outro or a long last note.

Than have a song structure.

Than please record that chord it using a click track/metronome/ loop/rhythm box.
now your drummer can record his drums.

I will do some experiment if i can place some existing drums of mine under your song idea to see how it works. When i drum to your song it may be a different pattern but ...than you will have an idea how it sounds with real drums.

If you are handy you can use EZ drummer to program drums

There also is software that you can use to find the key of songs
Dont know if it is OK but ...ther are several of this on the market ...this one is for free.

If you want to experiment with chord progressions in different styles or instrumentations you can use Band in the Box

For guitar players there also is this nice software to play chord progressions

Being a band player and active live musisican i know that using software and rational tools will hold you from doing the real stuff and getting the flow and the mood and the feel and that crazy super creative idea or that excitement.

But ...if you are blocked to only one minuet you can do some ratrional and systematic approach to get ideas, examples, chord progressions , styles, instrumentatiosn, bands, song versions, 
Than of course you wil have to go to your guitar agin and get that mood get the vide experiment improvise make mistakes go to areas you think this is unpossible etc.

To give you some unpossible ideas: 

Mike Stern Band - Live At Umea Jazz 1995

Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Tom Kennedy, Bob Malach LIVE@MOGORO 2016
OK they improvise and do crazy things ...after this you perhaps are in the mood to go to just normal songs and you this Mike Stern approach to develop that towards your song.

I'll see if i can do some creative drumwork on your song idea.
Perhaps that will stimulate you to do further developments.
Than you feel like playing in a band in stead of being in a music college and do theory.
I am thinking of rough creative drumwork.
I will drum several versions and they do not fit exactly as when i do the final drumming but ...just give you some different moods on the same idea. 
If you watch this project
you see what is the quality of my final recordings.
On my artist profile you see examples of finished songs
So ..when my creative drumming is not the quality you like ...know what will be the final quality.
I also recommend that to you. Do some rough recordings to get ideas and than ...go to the real stuff and record with quality using click etc. 
There really is a difference in your mood as musician when you are creative, experimenting and free and in the mood and exited and when you are playing an existing song on the best you can. It is like using different parts of your brains and body.
Use the creativity and free experimenting playing have fun and improvising musician to get ideas and to develop and use your musician skills and adult responsibility to record the songconcept and final track. 



7/29/2017 7:35:54 PM

     I think the purpose of the one minute file was to find a sound before developing the song further. It's a sample. That's how I viewed it.

7/29/2017 3:00:24 PM

1 minute is to short for a song! Nobody will drum a song of 1 minute or make lyrics etc. so have to develop the song. You choose collaboration so get help and input. Your idea has potential so to go further? I am no songwriter but ...i know about songwriting, about music, chords, the creative process, improvisation, how to make different style songs on the same chord progression, how to change a song to a different instrumentation or style (unplugged versions) , listened to a lot of songs, did a lot of songs on MyOnlineband , .... 
You need an intro, outro, verse, chorus, a bridge to get a full song structure ..
My approach: i send you some info and structure and send  You Tubes to stimulate your creativity. Even if you think ...this is bull shit ... it may help you to develop your own approach in classic rock, modern rock, alternative rock, country rock , unplugged, symphonic rock , etc. 
Here some lookalike songs/chord progressions/styles to make a full song. 
I hope to to help you though the wall of only 1 minute with a continues repetition of  almost the same chord progression.

Imagine this song/chord progression/structure/melody under your rock guitar idea.
So ...the same but ...played a bit heavier rock approach

Guus Meeuwis - Het is een nacht - Groots met een Zachte G 2010
This is a country rock style; very often simple chord progressions and much repetition of the same cadens  but has body and is heavy. Nice guitars

Ilse Delange Live In Gelredome 2011)
You also can develop the song towards U2 style

U2 LIVE!: FULL SHOW in 4K / "What A Summer Night" / Cleveland / July 1st, 2017
New years day, Pride ...with a little change of the drum feeling, i still havent found, in gods country, one tree hill, one
You for sure know Rock Group Status Quo. Perhaps you dont know this so ...
see how creative they are with their songs in making an acoustic version using all  kind of other instruments
They also often have simple chord progressions and much repetition

Status Quo Aquostic Live Complete Show Roundhouse London 22nd October 2014
whatever you want , rocking all over the world, 
This are the original versions and ..they are more like your idea but ... 
from creativity i know ...look at other directions and when you than return to your original plan you have some inspiration to just change or ad something 

Status Quo : Rocking all over the years (Perfect Remedy Tour 1989)
Perhaps this does give you another direction to approach the song and vocals

David Bowie Glass Spider tour live full concert 87
This song also has something of your chord progression; so also see how he goes from one progression (verse) tot another chord progression (verse) and how keep it interesting by making a bridge and how to introduce and end the song

Seal in Concert - Crazy
A little bit out of your progression but has something of your chord progression in it

Amy Winehouse - Rehab
This also may help ...rifss and ...they also mention the song that may give you additional ideas for developing your song

100 Riffs – Greatest Rock N' Roll Guitar Riffs – Karl Golden
Yes ... you change the style to heavier rock but ...they have nice guitars and vocals

The Tremeloes - Silence is Golden
This band has the same clean solo guitar sound as you have
So have to change/transform these songs to a heavy rock setting

The Shadows - The Final Tour Live (2004)
Have fun ...hope you have a nice weekend  and please look at the links to get inspired.
Being active in a project attracks others so ...i also hope some other people will enter the band!
Lets rock around the world in 2017 style (and use/transform/develop ..what others in rock history have developed)
Have fun!

As a guitarist you will ask: what chords are they using?
Here you find chords of the most famous songs in the rock history.
If you have some knowledge of mi=usic you wilk know how to change a chord progression when using another key (how to go from c to cis d dis e f fis g gis a ais b c; the circle of fifth etc.
This also may help to transform a chord progression to other keys (or to change the chord progressions from riff station, or riffs to the key you are using)

7/28/2017 3:24:02 PM

My 2 cents...

7/28/2017 2:59:20 PM

Hey There!
   Not sure what your really looking to do so I'm just gonna take your idea and run with it. We'll see what happens.

7/24/2017 3:54:00 PM

4 120 bpm rock drum tracks. 
2 country rock and 2 rock. 

For your other projects: find the bpm and choose one of my drumtracks for play along as a starting point.
Using editing you can modify the songstructure of the drum tracks.
I can assist, like here, if you like.
But ...i am running out of space so ...difficult to upload several drumtracks to all your projects.
Have fun.

6/24/2017 3:05:13 AM

kamilpiszczatowski has updated the song concept.

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