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12/14/2017 3:49:42 AM

Here's a mix with Nicole and an instrumental mix if you want to mix the two vocals (That's beyond my abilities)

12/9/2017 9:15:18 AM

What's the next step for this song?  Is it going to be published?   Also, I am looking for people who would like to collaborate on videos. Short 4min segments for some of my songs.  Anyone interested or if you know someone who is, contact me.   
11/25/2017 11:43:23 PM

nicole vocals

11/25/2017 11:40:42 PM

DJ vocals

11/25/2017 11:39:39 PM

Here's a way better mix (I think) without vocals

11/24/2017 8:43:32 AM

OK mix.  I was working on that myself.  It takes a bit of magic to put 2 people in sync on a one time shot.  1 thought.  Give me some effects. I'm too raw against her soft tone.  Also, could you give me the tracks; instruments, her vocal and mine?  I would like to take a shot at it!           
11/24/2017 7:14:40 AM

Here's the 1st version of the track. Comments? Suggestions for changes?

11/17/2017 9:56:36 AM

Would it take a lot of work for you to re-record the choruses? I think it would sound really good if you both sang on the chorus, but right now your takes on the melody are a little bit too different for it to work and as I said changing hers is not an option 

11/17/2017 7:25:05 AM

Unfortunately the vocals can't be redone.. Nicole is a friend of friend of a friend of mine and I persuaded her to do a take only after a couple of drinks, so this is it
11/17/2017 6:58:58 AM

O' the same with "they are" .  It should be  "they're".  Sorry about that.  It's this proper college writing thing from business courses.   I'm sure if she goes through it a few more times she'll smooth right in there using more of her own expression.      
11/17/2017 6:48:36 AM

RF here, That' s great.  1 comment, use there's,  and not "there is".  I don't often write things the way I sing them.  I suggest singing it in your own dialogue.  The verbatim is too stuffy!        

11/17/2017 5:53:18 AM

Here's a version with nicole singing. As suggested, I'll do a couple of different combinations of djRF1 and her, and then we can decide which version we prefer 

11/14/2017 1:04:47 PM

Any way.  The verses & the chorus can be a duet or switched between the different vocalists.  I would try a complete duet mix first. Next, I would try a female for the verses and both vocalists for the chorus.  Then, I would try a male on the verses and both vocalists for the chorus. Let everyone choose the one they like best.    

11/14/2017 12:44:32 PM

a duet might be a good idea. Any thoughts on how the parts should be divided?
11/12/2017 12:32:51 PM

Thanks for adding me as a contributor.  I would like to here a female ad a vocal track or male & female  mix. 
11/12/2017 12:22:49 PM

With the clean vocals the song has more power i think. 
All tracks are balanced in the mix. 
Compliment, nice overall sound.

11/7/2017 9:01:05 AM

I put djRF1's vocal together with HenkJan's drums 

11/7/2017 6:36:41 AM

thank you
11/6/2017 7:11:00 AM

Here is the vocals clean

11/6/2017 4:26:52 AM

djRF1 thanks for your contribution.
Please upload your separate tracks, a vocal track without effects would be nice.

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