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1/28/2018 4:13:04 PM

Sounds good man, can't wait to hear your vocals over these songs. I just ordered a new  hi-hat setup a couple days ago myself, be her next weekend. 

Was gonna re-record concept 1 cause I don't like how I come into the bridge at all. 

Jason, are you redoing this one? If so, I'll wait til after you do so I can accent around the new riffs. 

Will be out of town til the 1st so you guys wont see me til then. 


1/28/2018 8:01:58 AM

Mic has been ordered. It will be here on the 30th. Sorry it took so long. I had to wait on a refund for that power supply that blew up on me.
1/21/2018 1:56:22 PM

No worrys man, first things first. Looking forward to hear your vox over these tracks though...we're gonna have some good shit here. 
1/21/2018 8:52:30 AM

By the way, Ordering my new Mic this week. Sorry its taking so long but had other shit come up 
1/21/2018 8:51:21 AM

To be honest I have never tried using it in stereo but don't see why it wouldn't work.
1/20/2018 10:21:42 AM

Just checked it out Hash, thanks. I see where it has a 'guitar input' jack and next to it is an 'insert' jack on each channel. Can they also be used as stereo L and R inputs? 

Hey Jason, I don't know man, I must've got some wrong info about Behringer cause your shit always sounds clean and crisp. 

1/15/2018 4:17:18 PM

M-Audio makes a good interface.
This is the one I have.

1/14/2018 8:50:57 AM

If you want to play bass that would make me happy. My hands hurt :|
1/14/2018 4:00:49 AM

mines a cheap behringer u-phoria umc22 with 2 line ins and mic port, the reason mines screeching is probably because its underneath 2 monitors lol ill try moving it, as for recommendation im sure Hash has a few lol
1/13/2018 12:29:46 PM

What kind of interface?

I'm looking to upgrade mine to a multi-channel passive one so my recordings (hopefully) will be cleaner and I will also be able to run dual modules. 

Any recommendations? I know Behringer makes one for about $80, but I keep hearing that they are crap...

1/13/2018 12:09:02 PM

Yea man, that'll work. 
1/13/2018 12:07:28 PM

still get screeching through my audio interface D:  ill fix it one of these days haha
1/13/2018 9:05:05 AM

Might be easier since I know the chords n shit already
1/13/2018 8:12:18 AM

I can play bass for this band if yall want so Hash can focus on vox
1/12/2018 9:25:58 AM

I want a nice desktop setup myself man, just got a laptop I'm working off of now. 

So your power supply inside the tower is what keeps going up? Don't know your situation, but sometimes if you have added a bunch of peripherals to your pc (printers, fax machines, external hard drive or dvd, plug and play usb devices, etc...) you need to upgrade the power supply. I'm no expert mind you, just a suggestion. 

Sorry, thought I responded a couple days ago but must've forgot to hit save on my 

1/8/2018 9:43:54 PM

Desktop. Bad ass mo fo when its running. :)
1/8/2018 8:31:24 PM

Damn man, that's a bummer. Laptop or desktop?
1/8/2018 1:08:01 PM

Sorry guys. PC has been down for a few days, 2 power supplies in a month. 
1/6/2018 3:11:54 PM


Oh yea, checked out Witchfinder General, they're pretty good man!

1/6/2018 8:08:09 AM

i fucking hate the chords i used they kill me

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