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10/13/2017 10:41:05 AM

Thanks man!
10/12/2017 6:28:59 PM

That sounds incredible man
10/12/2017 2:30:22 PM

Here's just the drums. 

10/12/2017 2:28:34 PM

Hey man. Sorry took so long. Have had a busy week. It also took me a minute to find my groove on this one. Once again, this is a rough jam so let me know what you think and I can clean it up from there. 

Oh yea, will probably have concept 5 uploaded by tonight as well. 

10/8/2017 1:41:58 PM

Got some ideas for this one, gonna try to get it recorded tonight when I get back from my mother-in-law's. 
10/5/2017 5:54:47 PM

Yeah man if you come up with a drum track that closely resembles the idea or even not at all I can still play over it and come up with something different
10/3/2017 6:58:55 PM

Hey man, 

Just finished downloading. Am going to download the rest of the concepts and try to set up my drums for a few days to record a quick and dirty jam of each to see if we can come up with something more concrete.

9/9/2017 9:59:23 AM

kryptic2096 has updated the song concept.

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