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5/21/2018 4:12:05 PM

Up to you on what you wanna do next, whatever you are digging first then go for it.  I learned Electric Funeral awhile ago but probably need a refresher on that one haha
5/19/2018 4:00:56 PM

Thanks bro!

Do you want me to keep working on lyrics for the other stuff; or get on re-recording some of our existing stuff (like concept 1)?

I know you guys also had some covers in mind, we could go that route as well. I've been kind of wanting to do Electric Funeral lately, or some other Sabbath stuff. 

5/11/2018 4:38:35 PM

Awesome dude!
5/5/2018 11:15:18 AM

Hey all, how's it been?

Here's some lyrics I've been working out to this one. They're not done yet but enough to start with. 

"Scam of the Century"

Verse 1:
Here we go again with this poisonous shit
They've spent a lot of time making sure we eat it
Distorting the truth anyway they see fit
Their god complex growing with every one of their skits

Verse 2:
We hang on to their lenses, like puppets on strings
Craving like junkies the chaos they bring
Satellite surrounded by hornets buzzing their wings
Just waiting for the moment to unleash all their stings

Verse 3:
God please help us cause we cannot get out
Our minds are too distorted and filled full of doubt
We blame it on each other, divided and conquered throughout
But digital imprisonment is what it's about


Verse 4

1/12/2018 9:13:14 AM

Hell yea it does. That shit is fuckin brutal man. 
1/11/2018 5:05:29 PM

the intro kind of punches you in the mouth lmao
1/6/2018 12:42:24 PM

Lol thanks!

Damn man..That sounds great, diggin it!
1/6/2018 7:46:35 AM

you went fuckin full ham on those drums on this track dude not gonna lie crazy as fuck haha
1/6/2018 7:44:26 AM

gave it a shot

1/6/2018 7:04:18 AM

I will try and rerecord this one next and see how it goes ha
10/7/2017 12:49:16 AM

Here's just the drums. 

10/7/2017 12:47:23 AM

Here's a rough mix with the drums. Just jamming on this one. Needs to be tightened up and polished, just wanted to throw it up and see if you liked it or think we should do something different. 

9/9/2017 11:14:55 AM

kryptic2096 has updated the song concept.

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