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6/16/2018 1:46:10 PM

I heard myonlineband will close 
you can find me on 
we can work using We Transfer and Dropbox and 
we can continue like this on KOMPOZ.
This is my profile on KOMPOZ
this is my facebook

6/7/2018 11:43:52 AM

Hi my friends
Taking on board all your comments
 Got to watch we don't get too bogged down and end up not completing the project
So far I think its looking ok
Regards  another add on bridge Beubi
Might I suggest the following
If you don't feel it suits no problem

Nothing more nothing less

What we have will be

Written down on the page of life

There for all to see

You’re not alone I’m at your side

Its undecided where your future lay

Just keep on fighting don’t slip away



6/7/2018 8:48:04 AM

...I'm not sure either LOL. Nevermind! Forgot what I said. Maybe we should wait for Ana's contribution. :-)

6/7/2018 7:22:00 AM

Not quite sure what you mean, but I'll toy around on Sunday. 
6/7/2018 6:44:08 AM

Hee WG..Like it!! There is just one thing that I think might potentially need some tweaking and that is how the bass-line and guitar are somehow "pumping" the song. Not sure how to explain it....but it might clash with Ana's vocal-lead?? Difficult to say if it does or not without her vocals. I'm very curious now how it will sound with Ana's vocals. 
The other thing is if we need a second bridge? Maybe Ana, Edson and Versewithfriends can comment.
All in all, very nice!!! Happy,happy,happy!!!

6/5/2018 5:01:18 AM

As always, honest feedback is the only way to move forward so don't hold back!
6/4/2018 10:51:49 PM

 Nice one warm gravy I guess The Beubi will be pleased at the  way this is going Thanks to everybody's input and effort
6/4/2018 3:10:32 PM

For lack of better reason, I'm calling the main Beubi lyrics (Your not alone...) the chorus. At the end of "At You Side Idea without drum", there was a slower quieter part that I really liked. I added it to the middle and the end and will call it, for lack of better reason, the bridge.

00:00  -  Intro 2x -  Am  Em  Dm  E  C  E7

00:43  -  Chorus 2x - Am  Em  Dm  E  C  E7

01:21  -  Verse 1 -  Am  C  Dm  Am
                               Am  C  Dm  E  C  E7
02:00  -  Chorus 2x - Am  Em  Dm  E  C  E7

02:38  -  Verse 1 -  Am  C  Dm  Am
                               Am  C  Dm  E  C  E7

03:17  -  Bridge - F  C  Gm  Em
                             F  C  Gm  E  C  E7

03:55  -  Chorus 4x - Am  Em  Dm  E  C  E7

05:12  -  Bridge - F  C  Gm  Em   C  E7


6/4/2018 2:56:39 PM

I guess the song name is At Your Side ?? Fine with me. This is a structure idea that tries to include all the ideas so far. I will post a time sheet soon.

6/4/2018 2:16:52 PM

I am liking what I hear
Power to the music my friends

6/4/2018 7:12:31 AM

Thank you friends!

Ana and I have had setbacks and we are late for the project.
We are working on including a verse and the modification
of some terms.
We hope to have everything ready in the next few days ..


6/4/2018 6:32:25 AM

Very nice indeed! I have some time today and tomorrow to work on this one. I'm gonna try to combine all of the structure ideas into one and see what happens. 
6/3/2018 11:29:39 PM

Thank you Ana and Edson! Ana, I like your interpretation.. Spot on! Are you both joining MOB and bring the song to completion with us? Would be great if you did!
Thanks again!

6/3/2018 12:57:38 PM

There are 2 ways/processes / steps  in a project
a. the creative way: keep on having ideas and change what should be changed
 You all did a great job and we still are in the creative process so no final judgements and critic
mobile telephone recordings are OK!
b in the production i like to work with a click, tuned instruments, quality recordings step by step improvement 
Seems the new songidea has 2 tempo's or a part with a kind of fermate of ritardando (decrease of speed) etc. Working with 1 speed is more easy 
With 2 tempo's or ritardando i cannot do quantising. 
My timing is not professional so will sound amateur.  

6/3/2018 12:34:44 PM

6/3/2018 8:22:54 AM

Also, heart and mind...could work instead.... Strong in the mind..
Just an idea, not set in stone as a good friend always says.

6/3/2018 8:17:53 AM

6/3/2018 8:16:30 AM

This is fantastic! I really like it a lot!
I added some bass, keys and guitar. I hope it helps warmgravy with his arrangements. Just let me know how and if I can help moving this song forwards. Thank you means a lot to me. B.

6/1/2018 9:54:25 AM

Lyrics made by Edson Brasil Castro Salvador
MP3 with melody sung by Ana Clara Brazil..
I think standing strong in the mind should be chaged in standing strong in mind
Perhaps a native speaking should answer (USA. UK, ...) 

6/1/2018 9:10:56 AM

Lyrics made by Edson Brasil Castro
MP3 with melody sung by his wife.

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