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3/9/2018 6:48:26 PM

Is this project dead?
11/27/2017 2:08:22 PM

Sweet! these are nice!
11/9/2017 8:31:41 PM

I'll probably have the vocals around Sunday or Monday, still writing lyrics lol
11/9/2017 7:12:28 AM

What did you play for the bass idea? I lack the ability to pick out chords and notes by ear. lol I suck.
11/8/2017 6:16:47 PM

It’s the same song. 180 BPM. Just more eq on the bass on the second mix. I deleted the first mix.
11/8/2017 4:30:19 PM

Alright! whats the BPM for both tracks
11/8/2017 3:44:44 PM

The mix has drums. I say go a head with vocals. If the drummer comes back I can delete the drums and add his/hers.
If you can post just your vocals I can drop them into th mix and try to make it sound all sexy like.

11/8/2017 1:13:29 PM

These are so great! I'm eager to put the vocals on but I don't know where the drummer is at..
11/8/2017 4:55:36 AM

I like this mix more. Added more eq to the bass. It sits better in the mix I think. Let me know if I am wrong and need to tweak more.

11/8/2017 4:45:23 AM

Dude that song is dripping with psychedelic juices! I think its a cool song as is. We might be able to do something similar but faster. What did you play?
11/6/2017 10:53:16 PM

So I was thinking the lyrical subjects could be satire, maybe S.O.D. and GG Allin type of satire.
11/6/2017 8:04:23 PM

Now we just need the drummers track and I'll put my vocals on.
11/6/2017 3:04:02 AM

Hope you don't mind but I added compression and a little eq to help the bass sit in the mix. Let me know if anything needs tweaking or if I am a crappy mixer and someone else would like a shot at it lol. I can post all individual tracks.
Cool bass tone by the way! 

11/5/2017 10:49:01 PM

There is a drummer in here, just waiting for him
11/4/2017 10:19:41 AM

I have some decent fake drums, I didn’t want to post them if we have a real drummer. Honestly I didn’t put much effort into them and used them more as a metronome.  I can load the bass track into 
the mix when I get home. I can’t get it to play on my iPad.

11/1/2017 6:29:05 PM

Nice, that sounds awesome!
11/1/2017 3:31:06 PM

I got it up before work! Its 180 BPM A Aeolian mainly. I plan to post tabs.

11/1/2017 12:43:37 PM

I think I have a song recorded. I just need to mix the guitars and find a tone I like. I doubt I will get it posted before Monday due to work. It’s 180 BPM.
10/31/2017 10:17:19 PM

I guess we should make the tempo something pretty fast and speedy

10/31/2017 4:39:16 PM

I plan to start recording tomorrow. I should have some guitars up here in a few days.
Does anyone have a speed limit or anything like that? 

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