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11/19/2017 7:41:35 AM

Really liked what you did for the chorus! I'll try to make a new version that's a little shorter (minus the intro...I agree on that) Keep trying stuff out til I get the short version up.
11/18/2017 6:38:26 PM

hi W.G. ....this is just an idea .. for the lyrics and to c if u like the direction ... me .. im not to pleased with intro ...i dont have a lot of effects on it ... and i did it real fast .. im thinking of putting backvocals on other parts .. i just dont know ...where to go with melody .. maybe some help and pointers could help ... thanks.. by the way hi Henk ... ciao amigos 

11/6/2017 5:49:04 PM

Thanks to Henk for the drum track!
11/6/2017 5:47:51 PM

Here's just the drums, bass, and backing keys. 

11/6/2017 5:28:50 PM

WarmGravy has updated the song concept.
11/6/2017 5:28:27 PM

Spun off a new workspace based on a file from the workspaces Drum tracks for play along

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