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2/13/2018 11:41:03 PM

hell yes. I plan on redoing the vocals now that I have a good mic.
2/13/2018 6:44:01 PM

Dude that sounds awesome! Dig it! Looking forward to hearing you do the other songs. 
2/10/2018 3:23:06 AM

2/8/2018 2:55:16 PM

Lol. I hear that man. Take your time. 
2/8/2018 7:49:41 AM

I think Im gona redo Blackbird first seeing how I already know what I want to do. Ive kinda gave myself a frog today screaming into the mic. lol

2/1/2018 3:13:53 PM

Lol, yea that's pretty sensitive. Glad you got your mic man. 
2/1/2018 11:59:59 AM

Played around with the vocals and I must say, this mic is very sensitive. I can here the wind chimes outside and the fans blowing and my computer running. I need to play around with my noise   
1/31/2018 12:11:21 PM

Just got my mic. This thing sounds fucking amazing. Compared to this, I was using a Tonka mic made of Play Doe
1/29/2018 8:16:09 AM

Yep I added some lines
1/28/2018 4:03:25 PM

Lol, I hear that that man. 

Haha, never realized it was a walking dead song. Just saw it on there (watching series from beginning) in season 4 i think. 

Hey. Wanted to ask you...did you add some stuff to it. (the part about "you're on your way for tomorrow"). If you did, man that fit perfect with it bro. 

1/28/2018 8:06:39 AM

I played Blackbird for some people I stream with on Twitch and they loved it. said we sounded like a group of guys you wouldn't want to fuck with. lol
12/31/2017 2:07:22 PM

Yea that sounds good...either one is cool with me. 
12/31/2017 12:10:26 PM

What do you guys think of doing an AudioSlave song. I would love to do "Like a Stone" or "I Am The Highway"
12/31/2017 12:03:46 PM

Yea I can see that. 
12/31/2017 11:56:52 AM

I wasnt to concerned with the mix at that point. Just wanted to get an idea out. Really though I think this is the kinda song the bass should be more felt then heard.
12/31/2017 11:28:35 AM

Hey what's up man. Sounds great! Heard both uploads and the first sounds a bit fuller to me in the mix. In the second, your bass sounds a little too far in the background. 

Great job nonetheless. Looking forward to hear the next upload!

12/31/2017 10:13:53 AM

I deleted the last one. This sounds a little better and you can get the idea. Ill play around with it for a few days then do it for real

12/31/2017 10:11:15 AM

Hashishian has deleted the following item from the workspace: BlackBird wbass.mp3
12/30/2017 4:02:35 PM

Picked up my bass and hammered this out on the fly. I think I can make something of this. This is just an idea and I will probable delete it in a few days. I dont mind doing a little bass work here and there, but If im going to be doing the vocals and the mixing I would like for us to find a bass player.

12/30/2017 1:30:04 AM

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the invite to join but on reflection I just don't have anything to say, musically that is, for this genre. I'm sure Hashisian can contribute better on bass so I'm dropping out.

Have fun

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