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2/16/2018 3:45:23 AM

Hi Kiki
Just got around to your recordings
Been  having a few software problems myself and the audio output has been a problem
Will look forward in having a listen though
I guess if you want some comments on anything you record Beubi is your man to give you any advice regards to that
Power to your music
and glad you like the song so far
Good idea of yours doing a duet 
Interesting thought, I guess you and Beubi would compliment each other

2/15/2018 2:12:23 AM

Alright, I did a first recording. I think the song is great, I love it! :) 
But it is not complete yet. I think the vocals need some adjustements a little...
Any feedback would be appreciated :)

2/5/2018 6:40:26 AM

Excellent Beubi great vocals 
Will be interesting to see what Kiki comes up with

2/4/2018 10:44:32 PM


Here the scratch-track of the song: This is me. I have uploaded the song with my vocal interpretation, one without vocals and one without drum-track.

Please feel free to post better versions of the drum-track or any other instrument that improves the song. Maybe to people who stream or down-load the song, let us know if you like it. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Have fun!


2/1/2018 12:36:21 PM

Love what you have done Kiki Great vocals
I just had to mix the 2 versions for comparison
Beubi has done a great job with the backing track... has this haunting quality

2/1/2018 11:18:14 AM

I made 2 versions of the song with Beubis' music...will probably go with version 2.

Beubi has made some music for the whole song and Mike helped me write lyrics.

I will make a recording soon of what Beubi, Mike and I felt with the chorus and all.

I should post it within the next week.

2/1/2018 11:15:53 AM

1/30/2018 1:07:36 AM

Would like to hear more.
1/23/2018 12:44:06 PM

Liked what Beubi did
Thought you might like to check out these lyrics Kiki
Using your verse as a Chorus
Just an Idea
Mike from Versewithfriends

1/23/2018 12:12:32 PM

This is Me

Poss verse

Now I’ve been many places

And seen a million faces

But yours is the one

That haunts me still

Although I don’t want too

I’ve tried to forget you

My love won’t die and never will

Poss chorus

On a road to nowhere           

Loneliness I’ve found        

Nothing but  memories

With no now one around      

What’s  yours and mine     

No more  it seems                

A world we once  knew

Just fading dreams

Poss chorus      

Whats done is done you moved on

Maybe lovers can still be friends

I asked you to stay you said no

What’s broken  never mends

1/23/2018 12:06:47 PM

like it
1/21/2018 11:16:28 PM

Hi Kika,

I like your lyrics. Unfortunately, I failed miserably trying to record something that would fit the genre of your vocal sample :-( so...I tried something else :-)

It is a simple track (just the first verse). I recorded a vocal track just for reference. Your lyrics could fit with many different genres, vocals (male/female/duet) so it is up to you how you would like to develop the song :-)

Hi Obliviosity,

I noticed that you also expressed an interest in this project. I'm very curious to see your interpretation of this song. Maybe we can join forces?  I'm flexible and keen to collaborate :-)


12/28/2017 4:58:39 PM

This is what I've got so far for lyrics:

This is me

(Verse 1 & 2)

A new beginning

This time no place to hide

Thinking about it my head is spinning

Hope this time I’ll get it right

They pulled me up

Then they brought me down

Couldn’t keep up, got stuck and said

Guess I’ll see you around

(Chorus 1)

Never knowing how to feel

Always wondering if it’s real

If what I said was good or bad

If what I did was worth all that

Couldn’t tell it wasn’t gonna last

So I kept asking myself

Who am I

(Verse 3 & 4)

Saw a pattern

And took the time to think things through

Trust me I was a mess before I met you

I know this time I won’t get burnt


I hold my head up

High because I believe

That you will catch me if ever I fall

And I know you’ll be there if I lose it all

(Chorus 2)

Now I know just what I feel

I don’t guess, I know it’s real

All those people I do not miss

And all I do now is worth all of this

I can tell that this will last

And I will stand by this new fact

This is me

12/28/2017 1:07:09 PM

We just moved in so things are still packed. But I can probably make something clearer once I find the microphone and the rest of the stuff :-) This was recorded with the laptop microphone lol
12/28/2017 12:20:49 PM

very nice vocal performance... there is a LOT of reverb and some noise in the track tho... do you have a good interface to record with? 
12/28/2017 11:52:14 AM

Kika6432 has updated the song concept.

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