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4/19/2018 9:37:58 PM

I think you can make a good song out of it.
Is it recorded with a click?
What is the tempo?
If you add a click it is more easy to find your way through the song
while recording.
If you can add a song structure will be nice.
Of course we can do ourselves: find tempo, add click and make songstructure/how many bars intro/verse/chorus/bridge/prechorus/outro)  but ..that needs time and most people just want to do a quick run in the studio.
A songstructure also is valuable for the singer/melody/lyrics writer.
A key is valuable for chords and melody instruments.
If you make it easy to join it is more easy to get collaborators.

Some vocals/lyrics/melody are required to give the song the power and attention it needs.
Nice song for a drummer.
Perhaps keys can be added.

Seems a song with potential.
Try to remove all noise (50 Hz etc.) from instrument tracks.
Most elegant solution is remove the noise from guitars/bass/amplifier/nicrophon/cables/recording  device. Than you have the best soundig result.
If you upload your single tracks (bass/guitar) i can remove your noises using Magix Cleaning Lab.
Did it befor with goods result but it always removes a bit from the original sound also.
In simple mode i can remove several standard 50 or 60 Hz noises.
In advanced modes i can make a sample of the noise and remove that.

3/14/2018 5:18:24 PM

DanJt has updated the song concept.

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